Why do people hate Bing?

  • I literally feel anxiety whenever I think of using Reddit for any purpose other than finding porn or memes. After many years of experience I basically assume, that no matter what I write, unless it’s the most generic and boring bullshit which expresses exactly the opinion of the majority, I’m likely going to met with irrational hostility and whatever I say will be downvoted into oblivion.

    1. The voting system simply doesn’t work for anything other than porn, memes, pictures etc. It kills any form of debate and discussion. Ideally, downvotes should be used to silence blatant trolls and spammers, maybe people whose are manifestly harmful and dangerous, but instead they’re being used to remove dissenting. Trying to ask difficult questions or raise controversial opinions is therefore strongly discouraged on Reddit and as you can guess to many people that’s a bummer. This naturally leads to a radicalization and to the creation of soft spaces where people are only ever exposed to the opinions they agree with which is hardly conducive to any form of development.

      Another way in which voting system doesn’t work is the fact that it’s perfectly possible for two identical posts to receive drastically different scores. I saw it happen to other people and it happened to me as well. I made a post about a new independent movie and posted it on a couple of subreddits. I don’t think any of my posts received more than 50 upvotes. The same day or the day after someone made a post about the exact same movie and got tens of thousands of upvotes. I don’t care about Reddit karma but this clearly shows that the assumption behind this system, namely, that the most upvoted posts and comments are indeed better, is rather feeble.

    2. Reddit cares more about the timing of your answer than its quality. On Reddit time is the key, you may produce the most detailed, exhaustive and interesting answer but if you write it a day or two after the main topic was posted, hardly anyone will pay any attention to it. When the thread is a couple of days old you may as well ignore it completely if you care about actually reaching any audience. As a result it’s very often the case that the top answers with most upvotes, which areed by most people are far from the best and instead were simply written quickly. Reddit also lacks any mechanism that would expose you to the less popular answers.

      On Quora you’ll see that the top answer isn’t always the one with most upvotes. You also don’t need to scroll all the way down to see the newest entries because they often pop up much higher. This means you can comfortably write an answer to a 5 years old question or make a comment under any answer and have a good chance of receiving significant number of. On reddit though, just after a couple of days the hierarchy of answers is set and will never change. I don’t think I ever received an upvote or a comment under something that I posted under a post that would be more than a week old. Ok, so there are plenty of bad answers being on top simply because they were written early. But at least you can always respond to them and explain why you don’t necessarily agree right? Well, kind of, but only to a point. That leads me to another issue I have with Reddit.

    3. Post archiving. It’s so stupid, I’m just lost for words. After six months all threads are archived and you can’t answer or reply to already existing answers. Combine this with the previous issue and you end up with a situation where many threads are concluded with seriously flawed answers that can’t be corrected in any way. They quote technical limitations as a reason for that but does anyone actually believe that storing some extra text would be a problem? After 6 months posts receive virtually no comments to begin with. And many people simply start new topics to discuss the same thing.

      EDIT: It seems as though automatic post archiving is at least partially disabled now.

    4. Reddit is way too censorious. Reddit tries to present itself as a place open for discussion but when it comes to topics that really challenge one’s on freedom of speech and expression it becomes apparent that Reddit is on the opposite side of the fence. If you only support the freedom of speech when it comes to saying things like “I like pizza” or “I love my mom” but ban things which you deem too controversial, then you’re not really in favour of free speech at all, because you don’t support it where it actually matters. One of the best examples of it was when they first quarantined and then banned r/watchpeopledie. It was a subreddit where people would post videos and stories including real death incidents. I used to visit it out of morbid curiosity and it always taught me about the fragility of human live. There was even a story posted in which a person claimed, his life was saved because he watched a video earlier in which a very similar, dangerous scenario was presented. In other words, he knew where things were headed and managed to avoid death or injury. Given the number of subscribers there must have been at least some weirdos lurking that sub but generally people reacted the way you’d expect normal people to react. I don’t remember seeing any disrespectful or mean comments.

      So, you have a sub that teaches people how dangerous life can be, which saves lives and which satisfies curiosity of many people, why would you ban such a place? Well apparently it glorified and encouraged violence! Yes, if you ever share a video of a person getting killed, the only reason why you would do so is to glorify and/or encourage violence. Reddit also quarantines all subreddits which have to do with rape fantasies. If you think that having rape fantasies is even remotely controversial or uncommon you should visit the article on wikipedia regarding this topic. It quotes research which indicates it’s an extremely common fantasy for both men and women. But if you’re a female who wants to post naked pictures and dirty talk to men by saying “use my body as you wish” etc, or if you want to write fictional stories about rape, Reddit will censor you. Same for incest related stories. In case of rape there is at least an intrinsic element of abuse but in case of incest? That’s just ridiculous. And again, this is where freedom of speech matters. If you censor something because it’s controversial and triggering you’re not in favour of the freedom of speech.

      EDIT: The part about forcing all subreddits related to rape into a quarantine seems outdated as there are definitely some very active communities centered around this kink. I’ve no idea if I just missed them somehow but I remember trying really hard to find them before writing this answer and couldn’t.

    5. Reddit is full of holier-than-thou, virtue signalling individuals and you never know where you’re going to be accused of being mean or impolite. I always feel anxiety when I write anything on Reddit because I can’t help but to think someone is going to accuse me of writing in the wrong tone or using the wrong language. My English isn’t perfect and perhaps sometimes it makes me appear overly aggressive, confident or provocative but I never attempt to offend anyone on purpose and I always try to dress my statements so they appear as objective as possible. Very often I talk at length about possible issues with my positions. Yet despite this people sometimes ignore my musings and focus on the way I present them.
    6. People who answer questions on Reddit often appear more interested in owning the person who asks, instead of helping or sharing their. When I joined Reddit I didn’t have this impression, it emerged as my experience grew. Very often the answers I receive are very brief or have the form of “the answer exists and I know it and that’s about it”. That’s also connected to the previous point. Often I feel like people just wait for an opportunity to abuse my most minor mishap. Again, this only happens on Reddit. I don’t have this issue with Quora, Facebook groups or some regular forums which makes me think it’s not my fault.
    7. Reddit users often appear to act like a hive mind. It’s hard to describe, but I often feel like I’m talking not to individuals but rather to some entity which represents the essence of a given sub. I never experienced it more than that one time when I wrote a lengthy philosophical thread and posted in on a sub with more than million of subscribers. I think it was fairly well thought out and interesting, especially in comparison to some other posts I saw on that sub which included a generic, angry rant, full of grammar errors, apparently written by an irritated 15-year-old and which got nearly 100% upvotes. Literally seconds after I posted my post (it required at least a couple of minutes to read through) I received first downvotes and comments mocking me. I asked one particularly active individual if he even read past the title and he admitted he didn’t because he didn’t feel the need to. At the same time he was making arguments which were already answered in the main post. In his comments he committed numerous fallacies and incorrectly used many terms. You can trust me when I say he was objectively wrong and ignorant on every front. Given that, surely he got completely destroyed by other users and everyone stood in my defence? No. All his answerse had plenty of upvotes while most of mine were collapsed because of all the dovnvotes. Ok, that’s bad but least it’s a good thing there are moderators who can solve these types of issues right? Well, about that, let me proccede with the next point
    8. Moderators and administrators are as bad as the users. After I wrote that topic it got closed after a couple hours and was marked as trolling. I also received a permanent ban on that sub! Yes, a single thread, in which I got unfairly attacked by almost every commenting person got me banned. If it was a small sub it would be one thing, but it over millions of subs at that time. Apart from that I also had plenty of incidents where my posts would be removed or remained unapproved for no apparent reasons.

      And I’ll always remember that one time when I posted a rule34 picture of Hermione from Harry Potter and got my account permanently banned from all Reddit for publishing nude pictures of a real person. That is despite the fact the same and other similar pictures are being posted regularly on rule34 subreddits. Of course the appeal did nothing and it felt as though i was talking to a machine. They were completely unable to justify their position or to respond to my arguments, they just repeated mindlessly that after the review they concluded I was in violation of the rules.

    9. “Reddit is like the Walmart of the internet” I use quotations marks because it’s not my original thought, rather something I saw in an answer or comment on Quora, something which I thinks makes a lot of sense. There is general feeling of low quality when it comes to the content. Most users appear to be the most generic, common type of people you’d find on the streets. And the site is just not very well designed. Yet it’s extremely big and attracts plenty of customers.
    10. Reddit CEO actually admitted to editing and manipulating comments he didn’t like

    For all those reasons I really feel uncomfortable whenever I attempt to use Reddit for anything other than porn and memes. It’s poorly designed and there appears to be something wrong with its userbase. If it wasn’t for the fact it’s so big and have a sub for almost anything which is convenient I probably wouldn’t use it at all.

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