What is the most painful/humiliating punishment you ever …

  • “Darling come here”

    My step mother said as she motioned for me to sit next to her on the couch. I sat down and looked at her confused, I had done nothing wrong and she wasnt like an evil step mother. In fact she was a sweet lady who I even referred to as mom.

    “You’re growing up and your starting to get breasts, they arent noticeable yet but once they are, you may want to where one of these”

    She pulled out a bag and inside was a set of bras, I looked at them unamused, they were a boring 3 set of black, white, and tan.

    She looked at my face and at my expression then said

    “Dont worry darling you don’t have to wear these now or at least until you’re ready to, but I remember when I was younger at your age I had a bit more in that department and had to where them and would have longed for one of these”

    She then pulled out another black bra, but this one had colorful specks and green straps, and I was thrilled. My smile grew from ear to ear

    “Thank-you, can I wear it tomorrow”

    I asked after I threw my arms around her and kissed her cheek

    “Sure baby, but remember this one has some color so make sure you can’t see the color through your choice of top and the straps don’t poke through”

    I was taken aback

    “What do you mean” i said

    “The shirt you wear over should properly suit your new bra” she responded

    “You mean, I have to wear a shirt over my bra, but I like it why cant I wear it without a shirt over it”

    She said it wasn’t proper for school, unconvinced I explained to her that sometimes when she and dad went to the gym and I played in the kid zone I saw other ladies wear bras without shirts, to which she replied that was appropriate for a gym not school.

    “Okay” then I went off to my room and put on my bra.

    The next day I went to school in my new bra and shirt over, and once she dropped me off Instead of going to my class like usual I went to the bathroom. There I removed my shirt stuffed it into my bag and ran to my classroom. All the students looked at me, and some of the girls started approaching me. I assume it was to tell me I needed a shirt but I never got to here, by then a teacher who saw me in the hallway and my classroom teacher were around me telling me I needed to go to the office.

    I was upset, I thought my stepmother was being crazy since I had definitely saw girls in just bras at the gym, turns out she was right. I was escorted to the office and given a shirt from the nurses office. From there they called my stepmother. And I was sent home for the remainder of the day. There she assured them she would handle this and they believed her, and i had no punishments from the school. I expected her to be mad but instead we had a conversation in a car and she talked in a calm motherly tone.

    “Sweetheart I told you to wear a shirt over your bra and you disobeyed me. I’m not happy with you right now, do you understand what you’ve done”

    “no, I didn’t do anything wrong” i protested, in a bratty tone, I should also point out I was avoiding her eyes, crossing my arms, rolling my eyes and any other thing a rude little brat might of done

    “when we get home give me all your bras”

    My expression changed, I wasn’t expecting that

    “Even the pretty one” i asked, to which she replied

    “Even the pretty one”

    I complained on the way home but went up to my room changed and gave her all 4 of my bras. Later on I asked her if I was going to be punished and she replied

    “No sweety, mother nature will take its course and it will all play out”

    Months later I eventually started sprouting small breasts and could cover them with camis and undershirts fortunately we were in the colder months and I could wear jackets to cover my pecks. However summer rolled around and I couldn’t cover them, but I didn’t care since we spent summers at my family’s lake house and we weren’t nudists, but i was comfortable around them even with noticeable mounds sticking from my chests.

    Eventually school time rolls around and I still had no bra. I even remember having a conversation with her asking if I could have my bras back even though I was a bit embarrassed at the subject. It went something like this…

    “have you noticed that sometimes when i wear shirts my nipples poke out, and i don’t really like how it looks, so could I have my bras back” to which she responded

    “Sorry babe, but showing off your bra when I told you not to, and then talking to me disrespectfully kind of hurt me, and I td you mother nature would do its job”

    I sat there dumbstruck, she then kissed my forehead and turned off my lights for bed.

    Eventually school time rolled around, to hot to where a jacket, and i was no longer around my family but little kids. When talking i noticed people would automatically glance down at my small breasts, and would do their best to remain eye contact. About 3 weeks into school to of my friends came up to me and questioned me if u was wearing a bra. I said no and one of them said..

    “Maybe you should” to which the other added on saying

    “Yeah, and you don’t have to be embarrassed i wear one and she pulled up her strap as proof”

    About a week later (a month into school) my stepmother finally called me into her room and said I could have my bras back. And we talked about my behavior and I promised I would act better. I hugged her and were my bras from then on out never flaunting them.

    All in all I think my punishment was appropriate, and before I get comments telling me this was abuse truthfully know I deserved it, I talked horribly to her (I picked up the attitude off of one of my previous friends), and we have a strong relationship i love her so much.

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