What is the cure for OCD and anxiety?

  • All unfavorable emotions – be they called anxiety, outright fear, fears, regret, anger, rage, vengeance, guilt and so on are all particular energy frequencies being born, sired and generated from belief based thinking.

    Some people claim to know that all beliefs are living energy systems seeking our attention and assist like little abandoned kindergarten kids that are irritated as all hell at being deserted and not listened to by you their teacher and moms and dad.

    Now your issue is to determine how to treat those subconscious belief kids like a caring moms and dad … or are you going to continue to ignore them until they get so pissed off that they literally take you deep into their lifeless depressed states were even the American pharmaceutical cults can no longer help you.

    Prospective Service:

    1st– Make the imaginative assumption that your less than desirable emotion is originating from a quelched or suppressed living belief system– hiding in the subconscious cellar of your mind’s library and that this living belief system is a really cute … blonde and curly headed little four years of age child that you forgot you had and that … YOU have completely deserted her and dam is she ever pissed.

    2nd … Simply picture that whatever unfavorable emotion you are feeling … it is coming from her attempting to get your attention. It’s her way of communicating that all is NOT OKAY. And be cautioned … if you continue to reject her … her due … with tablets, quelched pretending, being a shopaholic, addict or whatever, when she grows up in a year or more she will totally “OWN YOU.” And if she EVER gets to that innovative phase of “Rage” … to … “Get back at” … to “Anxiety” … she is going to be the worst little 4 years of age blonde turned into a 48 years of age red-snarled-headed drunken Scott you can imagine. My point … do this NOW”! “

    3rd … Enter into a quiet state (like meditation) and ask this little girl what her name is. If she states she is a he that’s ok … but my experience says it’s most likely a she for they and they alone always remember. NEVER and you are their target.

    fourth … Ask her/him by their name what is the matter … and after that simply stopped talking and listen … including listening in and through the quiet spaces she is going to put you through … like you have been giving her for several years. You may even require to establish another date time to continue this. It’s repayment time for “You! to experience and know how it feels to be disregarded”

    5th … And if or when she answers … ask her what she wishes to feel rather and listen really, really thoroughly.

    sixth … And when you find the emotional feeling (state of being) that this little woman wishes to have … ask her “And once you get to have that sensation … like today … (time out) … and understand you can have access to this feeling at any time and from now on and even larger … and much better and forever and … so then … what will that sensation finally enable you to have that is even more essential?”

    7th … “And when you get that more recent sensation … like today … (pause) … and are having access to this feeling today and can get it back whenever you desire … from now on … what will that feeling lastly permit you to have that is even more essential?”

    8th Continue asking this same question as your little lady– one emotional stair step at a time … approaches the top of her emotional staircase and simply “basks” for as long as she desires and adsorbs all of that caring energy that she has actually been deprived of … “From You” for all this time. Just be quiet and be one with her … imagine hugging her … imagine weeping with her … Dam it … find out how to be at one with her ([email protected]) for when in your and her life.

    9th … and when SHE … is ready you can ask her … “May I assist you return to this location at any time you want or requires to?” And when she responds to ask her … “I am wondering if you can help me get here too?

    10 th now the 2 of you continue to end up your present reunion and mutually accept talk with one another whenever the delightful celebration is wanted and dam it … … you finest mean it!

    Beliefs are either our friends or if we piss them off … they can literally turn our life into an ordeal driving any of us deep into the darkened canyons of suicide.

    And now I just have one request.

    I did this in my attempt to assist this world of ours … Starving genuine connection … to gain access to the Genuine Internal Fact … seeing to be at-one-with … The Genuine Internal Love.

    Please pass this on and “pay it forward!”

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