What happens in a man’s body when and after he ejaculates?

  • What happens in a man’s body when and after he ejaculates?

    Original question: What happens in a man’s body when and after he ejaculates?

    Original OP comment: I’m not just talking about the emission of semen, but any changes in the brain or hormonal system.

    I would assume you’re a female asking the question because if you’re a male you’d notice some obvious changes in the body during and after masturbation, and so you wouldn’t need to ask the question.

    • During masturbation, a man’s scrotum (balls) would get engorged with certain fluids, with the scrotum tightening in the skin to a certain degree. It won’t grow extraordinarily large like a party balloon getting filled with air, but rather it would tighten to its allowable size only.
    • Some men (young or old) who masturbate frequently could sometimes experience weakness in the knees. They would feel these weakness especially if they’re masturbating while standing where the knees would shake, and would seem to give in.
    • A certain hormone gets released in the brain that would at times cause sleepiness after ejaculation.
    • Other bodily functions are affected during and after masturbation like breathing, muscle contractions, blood flow, etc. but I think you’re not much interested in these.

    When a man ejaculates sperm is moved from his prostate out through his penis into where ever. After he ejaculates, his body releases the pent up anxiety generated during foreplay and while coupling, plus other anxiety stored in his muscles and totally relaxes him so much he usually immediately falls asleep.

    I have been studying this online for the last few days, and that is about as clear as they make it. GIGO

    So for “when” bit the main thing that happens is that the various components of the man’s semen, i.e. mostly the sperm, liquid from the prostate gland and liquid from the seminal vesicles are mixed together, moved to the prostatic part of the urethra (the tube that runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis) and then pumped out by muscular action in a series of spurts. The man can also feel this happening and the sensations are pleasant.

    Ejaculation is also usually accompanied by orgasm which is what is responsible for most of the intense pleasure and also involves a temporary increase in blood pressure.

    Finally, the hormone prolactin is released. In the minutes immediate afterwards this results in a feeling of clam and relaxation, maybe even sleepiness, and of feeling very content.

    Also, the blood pressure comes back down from it’s high at orgasm and the heart rate, which will have been up since he became aroused, will return to normal.

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