What are the benefits of using GitHub?

  • First let me tell you how I came know the use of github. Back in the time when I was a student I was writing some code for my project. I was working on it for weeks. One day I changed some code and my program was not working. So I got into a habit of making a .rar file each day when I felt one “functionality” is done. This way I created more than 20 rar files and I forgot which one contains what.

    One of my friend asked me use github(which is version control mechanism). And told me; instead of making “rar” file do a “commit” to github url. So that is the use of github.

    For the same project I was working with another guy, and we used to send each other those rar files and “merge” our code. After using github we just referred to one url and downloaded the code.

    Now just imagine if “rar” file making strategy to work in a project where thousand of developers are working.

    Hope the above scenario helps you to understand what github can do. Anyway go through this A Visual Guide to Version Control like to better understand github. It is a very good habit to use GitHub while you are on your project.

    Github offers far more than just “git” source control. There are several answers covering the basic benefits.

    New benefits in 2019:

    In 2019 Github started investing heavily in better development workflow. As of this writing, there are 3 new beta features which make Github unique relative to their competitors.

    1. Github Actions: These are workflow automation scripts that run on Github’s servers. Developers can use them to respond to events on repositories and perform some action. For example, I wrote a small utility, Autotagger – GitHub Marketplace, which will automatically generate git tags when a package.json version number changes. This seemingly small action has a big impact on tracing code lineage back to releases, and it’s one less headache for project maintainers.
    2. Github Package Registry: The package registry allows developers to maintain their own distribution registries, including npm, docker, maven, nuget, and Ruby gems.
    3. Sponsors: While this is less of a workflow feature, it is still an enabling feature. This feature is designed to help people sponsor open source authors, monetarily.

    Example of the Github Actions Marketplace:

    Example of package registry:

    Scalable CI helps you speed up your build, test, and release pipeline.

    • Version control your projects.
    • Push your projects to GitHub and let the world know how nice and useful code you write.
    • Explore other’s projects on GitHub, get inspired code more, or contribute to their project.
    • Collaborate with others, by letting other people contribute to your projects or you contributing to other’s projects.
    • Maintain useful lists. I didn’t find anything better then creating lists on GitHub using markdown. I like how clean it looks.
    • Learn Git.
    • Link your nice GitHub profile while applying for grants, jobs, in your resume. It makes things better and helps.

    How do I make the best use of my Github account?

    I have written many answers on similar lines, have a read.

    There are lots of benefits.

    – An almost always available server to store all of your git repos either public or private.

    – Free private repositories for students and professors

    – And of course the most important benefit is the large collection of open source software. You can contribute to a project and gain experience and learn by working on real world projects. Or you can post your own code and get exposure and help on a project you are trying to get off the ground and either need help or want to benefit from having multiple people working on it. There are a lot of great tools for discovering projects you might be interested in working on by browsing by language and popularity. And each repo has a wiki where you can find documentation and also an issues page where you can find open issues to patch or submit a new issue that you have found.

    You should use github to manage your projects easily. You can backup of your code. You can also go to previous commit easily if you done something wrong in any commit.

    Git give you the power to do many things just using some git commands.

    On github you can access millions of projects source code. You can download their source code by clone or fork. You can contribute to any project you want. You can make your repository private or public whatever you want.

    Git is great technology, go! use it! you will have fun !!

    P.S. – Ignore bad english 😛


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    It’s an easy way for contract developers to do work for a large company.

    If you’re the project manager at the large company, you just tell the contractor to put all work on a private GitHub repo, give you access, and add the (moderate) GitHub charges to your bill. No IT hassles, and when you clone and pull the repo, you have a complete record of the entire project that you can add to your internal SCM system later. Much easier than going through the process of getting access for a contractor to your internal SCM system, or working with code drops via FTP.

    From the contractor’s point of, private Git repos give you an easy workflow that can be used for multiple clients. You could set up Git on a server of your own, but it’s probably not worth it to spend your time administering the server and your clients’ accounts on it.

    I would like to share my experience with GitHub.I am a professional programmer. So my answer might be biased.

    Few years back when I was unknown to the idea of version control systems like Git .I used to keep multiple copies of my work with respective dates. One of accident which happened with me was my machine failure and I lost fair amount of data.

    When I joined the industry the idea of version control seemed me so awesome.You can have all the versions of your code and you have an ability to go back. In fact all of my code is on GitHub.

    Coming to the question of usability GitHub.

    It offers two things first it saves your all work public or private repositories so you don’t have to worry if your system crashes or hard disk failure.

    The second thing which is more crazy ,the idea of open-source where people can contribute and propose a better solution of your original work.

    It also reflects skill set of a programmer and helps in building a community.

    Even though it is meant for software projects but you can keep all your data when you want the ability to go back to prior version.

    I hope this answer was helpful.

    To take advantage of GitHub, you need to know about git.

    Git is a version control system where versioning of your application is taking care of. GitHub is nothing but the web based hosting of git. You can create repositories of your project and save your project there. Anyone who knows your GitHub ID, can check your projects.

    If you mention your GitHub ID in your resume, it will be take into account while assessing you. The hiring team can know about your projects and your contribution without asking you.

    In this way, you can take advantage of GitHub. There are lot of advantages while versioning of your application.

    Several benefits of using GitHub are

    • It makes it easy to contribute to your open source projects. To be honest, nearly every open-source project uses GitHub to manage their project. …
    • Documentation. …
    • Showcase your work. …
    • Markdown. …
    • GitHub is a repository. …
    • Track changes in your code across versions.
    • Integration options

    These are some benefits of GitHub .

    GitHub is a code versioning tool where any can can import and export code .

    So it is easy to manage what changes did by any one developer.

    And now GitHub acquired by Microsoft so looking forward what Microsoft will do with it.


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    GitHub is used for version control. On each update of the version of the product you can update it in GitHub and other users can download your project from there.

    Many open source projects also have their sources on GitHub. Famous frameworks like Bootstrap has its origin from GitHub.

    Creating repository on GitHub and uploading content there will make your project publicly visible and reach a larger audience. Also there can be contributors to your project and people can even post issues with this project thus making it really helpful to improve and build your project.

    For Students, you can provide GitHub link to companies during placements as you can validate your project and helps in placement process.

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