What are the benefits of Enterprise mobility?

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    When did you last looked at the employee’s notice board? When did you pay a visit to the management’s cabin for your queries?

    Enterprise mobility solutions accorded the system with ease of accessibility. The employees can access the management irrespective of their location in real-time and acquire information.

    This transformation in the establishments has made Enterprise Mobility Solutions popular. The enterprise mobility apps focus mainly on employees and how provisions with multiple options are possible.

    This provision for various options is driving the organizations to adopt Enterprise Mobility Solutions and take Enterprise Mobility App Development a severe business.

    Here are some benefits of Enterprise mobility solution that makes businesses start investing in it.

    #Maximized Employee Involvement

    This section is interesting.

    Have you hesitated to give feedback about your colleague or share some information relevant about a task at your workplace?

    Enterprise mobility solutions provide a platform for all the employees to freely express their, make some announcement, share information regarding the task effortlessly without waiting for your turn or without paying a visit to the management in person.

    The Enterprise Mobile Apps are the best options when it comes to mobilizing the organizational assignments and facilitate their workforce.

    This facility provided through app development for Enterprise Level builds a strong relationship with a more active and healthy working environment and, in turn, boosts productivity.

    #Hale and Hearty Security

    Trust me on this!

    Investing in Enterprise App development adds up to the long-lasting security of the process.

    Enterprise apps ensure 360-degree security by integrating modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. These technologies overall, in the enterprise apps assure the company about the data that it is safe and stored securely on the cloud.

    #Boosted ROI

    So finally, the ROI boosts up. How?

    With all the benefits that you have read above, the Enterprise Mobility solutions help the employees in:

    • Working effectively
    • Increases productivity of the Employee
    • Assures safety

    Read more benefits here….

    Enterprise Mobility has become an indispensable factor for enterprises and is counted as one of the predominant and essential factors for growth and success. According to various important surveys, it is predicted that by 2025 there will be a huge growth in Enterprise Mobility market. This given, Enterprise mobility provides huge benefits to businesses.

    Enterprises are moving towards mobility and adopting policies like BYOD or CYOD to reap its benefits. Enterprises require Mobile Device Management Solution as mobility has challenges and this requires complete security and management for each device in the network.

    Some of the major benefits Enterprise Mobility provides when managed with a powerful MDM Solution includes-

    1. Preventing misuse of company-owned mobile devices
    2. Better security management through real-time security incidents management
    3. Protection of critical Enterprise data and information prone to vulnerable risks accessed through employee devices
    4. Better management of remotely placed employees
    5. Deployment and management of Enterprise related applications
    6. Easy distribution of Enterprise content to each device
    7. Easy and integrated communication among enterprise stakeholders or employees

    Enterprises are required to plan and strategize on a powerful Mobility Management Solution that suites according to the requirement and feasibility factors and will help simplify mobility for the concerned organization.

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    In today’s global marketplace, enterprise mobility offers an array of wonderful benefits that mainly include improvised productivity, augmented revenue and operational efficiency. This translates into higher flexibility in the workspace, and raises the productivity of employees; as a result adopting enterprise mobility solutions has actually become an absolute necessity. . – See more at: http://www.businesscomputingworld.co.uk/enterprise-mobility-isnt-rocket-science-all-you-need-is-a-proper-plan/#sthash.CcNQos4F.dpuf

    With the help of enterprise getting connected the overall productivity of the enterprise increases at the operational level which ultimately helps in increasing the revenues and customer satisfaction.

    Some core benefits of enterprise mobility (but not limited to):

    • Improving efficiency with increased mobility
    • Connecting via phones, tablets and the internet of things
    • Decoupling of software and hardware – enabling portability
    • Enable work anytime anywhere
    • Effective partner participation, etc.

    Finally, I will say enterprise mobility between business and clients and also between business and employees empowers an enterprise, making it more relevant, immediate and intelligent.

    Benefits of an enterprise going mobile are immense. Irrespective to the industry they belong to, any company adopting mobility can expect following benefits if used with complementing Enterprise Mobility solutions for security and management:

    Higher productivity – When an employee has unrestricted access to work from any place, anytime using a mobile device, the productivity is bound to increase.

    Enhanced communication – With an easy medium to communicate and access information in hands, employees are well connected and real-time updated with latest business intelligence.

    Enhanced customer service – With options to access relevant data and information whenever needed using a mobile phones, employees are well equipped to give optimum service to the customers.

    Efficiency – Relevant information in hand irrespective of their location means minimum operational errors and faster service delivery which means increased business as well as employee efficiency.

    Streamlined business processes – With well-connected team enabled with options to access or upload business information real-time will not only improve the business process but if cleverly handled can streamline business processes.

    Reduced costs – By enabling access to corporate applications and information through personal-owned mobile devices, the demand and dependency on desktop and stationary systems is lowered and so would be related support cost.

    Though going mobile means an enterprise can expect above mentioned benefits, however, there are number of challenges that could arise unless they complement their mobility plans with appropriate Enterprise Mobility Solutions to security and management.

    Three overarching benefits immediately come to mind when thinking of the emergence of enterprise mobility. These three share some overlap and are all, at their cores, somewhat interconnected:

    Improved communication

    The most obvious use case for improved communication is for jobs that require most of the work to be done away from a computer (i.e. blue and pink collar work). Mobile devices can help solve the many communication issues that prevail in these industries by reimagining how required data is inputed and preventing miscommunication as messages are sent through the chain of command.

    For instance, imagine a construction site where a subcontractor notices an issue on the site and needs to communicate it with

    First records the issue with pen and paper, eventually makes his way to the general contractor, the general contractor is unsure what the issue even means without context so she consults the architect, but the architect doesn’t understand the issue and even if she does they can’t coordinate next steps without all seeing the site themselves.

    A mobile app will facilitate all this by allowing the subcontractor to record an image using a smartphone camera, send it to all relevant parties and start a checklist to resolve the issue (disclosure: OpenView is invested in FieldLens, an app that offers the solution described).

    In this scenario, information which would usually be shared using pen and paper was communicated more effectively through pictures. Data entry reimagined.

    Less Busy Work, More of the Fun Stuff

    If you don’t fit the work criteria mentioned above, you most likely are spending the majority of your day behind a computer. Eventually, work will shift from building tedious PowerPoints and Excel models to strategizing with coworkers, brainstorming next steps, testing new ideas and using a phone to automate all the heavy lifting for you.

    Efficient Collaboration

    The last benefit is also tied into the previous two. Smartphones open up allow workers to collaborate on projects through any suite of apps, whether it’s a messaging platform like Slack, a to-do list app like Wunderlist, or a mobile CRM for an active sales team such as RelateIQ.

    Users are always connected to one another through use of these apps and are much more inclined to use them due to the social aspect that is innate in many of these collaboration apps, thus making collaboration more effective.

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    Enterprise mobility profoundly affects the various business factors. Advanced technologies give a new life to the businesses by simplifying the operational processes, improving employees’ productivity and generating ample of revenue.

    Embrace the enterprise mobility and develop hi-tech mobile apps to transform your traditional workflow into a modern one.

    Here’re the benefits of Enterprise mobility.

    1) Generate Greater Revenue

    Mobile apps have simplified the way of online shopping for products and services. Leverage the infinite business opportunities by developing a cutting-edge mobile app for the company.

    For instance, online movie ticket booking company can deliver an exclusive user experience to the shoppers by applying a combination of mobile apps and beacons. It allows buyers to identify the exact location of theater, the building amenities, buy parking passes, purchase tickets, order food, and much more using the same mobile app. Thus, it increases income resources by delivering other services along with movie ticket booking.

    2) Improved Employee Productivity

    Mobile apps digitize the old paper-driven processes and automate them to avail streamline workflow. It is a smart approach than the older one, as it improves data accuracy and permits users to capture new data such as time, location and pictures.

    Let’s understand this with a case of waste management organization. The company can develop advanced functionalities such as optimization of trucking routes. It improves the efficiency of truck drivers who tow the waste in trucks. The app shows them the minimum time-consuming route. This feature not only saves travel time of each truck but also reduces the number of vehicles required to serve an area.

    3) Better Communications

    Sometimes companies want to cater extended customer support to the end clients. Companies allow the employees to access corporate data from the mobile devices to facilitate customers with real-time information. If we talk about a healthcare organization, it allows the employees to access several enterprise apps such as patient engagement app, asset management and map navigation from the mobile devices.

    A hospital can use a mobile app to transform an emergency room into an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room by analyzing and submitting several details such as image capture, bedside documentation, retrieval and order entry. The app permits the patients and their family members to ask questions to the hospital staff, check details about their doctor, learn about the equipment in the rooms, and much more.

    4) New Data Give Updated Insights

    Connectivity amongst mobile app and sensors cater with an extraordinary visibility in status and health of equipment. Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) drives a drastic change for a manufacturing unit by facilitating them with hi-tech supply chain tracking systems and predictive maintenance. The owner of the manufacturing unit allows plant manager to access data of production and equipment alerts, line efficiency and data visualization at the least cost than traditional paper-based processes.

    Enterprise Mobility: Everything You Need to Know About

    ‘Enterprise Mobility’ is the most common buzzword across the globe you might have heard about.

    Digitalization has made things simpler for humans. So, they also got to think if the way they work can be changed on this line of modernity.

    They want to work from wherever they are, using mobile devices given by their employers and access to business-specific information and resources.

    If seen from the other side of the horizon, even employers can get benefited with this approach of work in terms of higher work productivity.

    In the digital world, these two possibilities came to be called ‘Enterprise Mobility.’

    What Does Enterprise Mobility Mean?

    As defined by experts, enterprise mobility is the ability of the hired workforce to do their work even outside their workplaces, plus the mobility of business-specific data through networks to them. This is how Techopedia explains Enterprise Mobility.

    Just the thought of it seems amazing to both the employers and the workforce.

    But why is it needed at all? Why does it matter?

    Here’s the answer –

    1. Emerging mobile phone technologies have placed the world on its toes. The digital world is advancing at a good pace through the global Internet.

    2. People are digitally-active in almost every corner of this world as well. They need to stay online to work or even otherwise.

    Here are a few precisely explained the benefits of using Enterprise mobile apps:

    • Better collaboration between teams
    • Easy access to the company’s data both online and offline that helps employees with easy and speedy work
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Reduced dependency on papers which ultimately reduced the cost on the same
    • Enhanced relations among the teams
    • Improved productivity of the employees (as per an infographic)

    So, for an enterprise to become successful, it is vital to have an enterprise mobile app developed.

    Top 5 Challenges of Enterprise Mobility faced by Employees:

    1. Privacy Compliance
    2. Data Connectivity
    3. Enterprise Systems Integration
    4. Evolution with Technology
    5. Security Threats for Enterprises

    Enterprise Mobility Best Practices You Should Follow in 2019:

    Let’s discuss in detail about what you can do to improve upon enterprise mobility management in 2019-

    • Get an Enterprise Mobile App Developed for Android & iOS
    • Invest in Data, Network and App Security
    • Keep the End Users in Mind while Getting App’s UI Built

    Know These Best Practices to Build a Scalable Enterprise Mobile App:

    Enterprise mobility solutions can help your business grow further provided you completely follow the best practices shared above. They can help you overcome the enterprise mobility challenges and enhance your business operations for better results.

    Also, choosing the right enterprise mobile app development company makes a fully-functional and robust app for you and your employees that helps you receive a justified ROI.

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    Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs from anywhere using a variety of devices and applications.

    Let’s have look over the benefits of Enterprise Mobility:

    Enhanced Productivity: There have been documented cases of increased productivity in the ECM system with help of mobile app by 40% in 2 quarters.

    Cost Reduction & Time-Saving: It saves time with simple access to huge data & costs as storage, retrieval of data become synchronized along with complete access control of all the systems.

    An EMM makes this process way easier by providing a centralized control system that companies can put into use.

    Rapid Availability: It will provide you a great content & information availability from anywhere as per users requirement.

    Accurate Data Storage: Enterprise mobility app rely on collected data through apps which provides them a multiple data touch points on the apps.

    Security & Efficiency: it will secure unauthorized access and clears malware apps and improve the efficiency of the company due to daily updates and work process.

    So above are the few major benefits of Enterprise mobility app and you can also find some Key Features of Enterprise Mobility App for enhancing your knowledge in detail.

    There are numerous benefits of enterprise mobility solutions. Some of them are:

    1. Improved Data Security

    It helps in securing the data as it has enhanced security features since the data is being managed as well as controlled from any place in quite a systematic way.

    2. Enhanced Efficiency of Employees

    The enterprise mobility management actually authorizes all of the employees to be much more efficient.

    3. Device Sharing and Accurateness

    The ability to easily access the relevant data at any particular point or even share the screen of the device easily with the customer can enhance the customer experience instantly and offer easier knowledge transfer along with learning opportunities.

    Enterprise mobility and its advancing functionalities for security, device agnosticism, quick company integration and individual privacy help enterprises escape from the old corporate way of being stuck in department-based information silos without quick, efficient internal communication.

    Optimizing your mobile solutions helps you and your employees take advantage of every business opportunity, get better results with cutting-edge information management, and keep your competitive advantage in scaling the market.


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