What are the benefits and disadvantages of operating at PwC India?

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    I operated in PwC for almost 3 years in tax domain. I believe this is the worst company and my worst choice too to join this business. Senior citizens are pathetic. They won’t support you. But yes in front they will be extremely useful and will praise you. At the time of appraisal the exact same senior citizens will show their true colors in front of your individuals supervisors and will your development.

    Never join this company at junior level. They will primarily offer you print work which a workplace young boy can also do. Your hard work will never ever be identified.

    Demanding environment constantly. Zero worklife balance.

    If you are joining Delhi transfer pricing then please never do that. All the partners are

    I worked at PwC India for almost 3 years and hence this is based purely on individual experience. Others who worked there might have felt different advantages and cons and hence take this with a pinch of salt.

    Advantages –

    1. Globally renowned brand that is recognized and respected as part of Big4
    2. Provides lots of different kinds of services to customers be it Audit/tax/consulting/ technology/risk/advisory etc. and consequently provides chances for staff members to work across areas/domains/problems.
    3. Has well specified international policies, worker engagement and structure.
    4. Pays above or as per market requirements
    5. Great performance is acknowledged and rewarded
    6. Workers work with premium domestic clients and difficult business/technology issues in most cases
    7. Work experience at PwC makes it easier to move to other Big4 due to similarities in structure, type of work, offerings and so on
    8. International mobility/secondment – On serving required no. of years, one might be qualified for global deployments/transfers/secondments.
    9. Has excellent addition policies for females
    10. Recovered well from Satyam audit fiasco and reinforced its self-reliance, audit and security requirements.
    11. Has been working PwC India SDC to check out joint venture projects because few years hence giving direct exposure to international work.


    1. No US/EUR onsite for the majority of folks – As the firm deals with mainly domestic/sub-continent customers. Really couple of may get to work in middle east and APAC regions though.
    2. Off-late has been in couple of debates and facing regulative and legal difficulties. May sail through in the end.
    3. No different technical profession course for those who wish to end up being innovation professionals. There is just one path for all (analyst->> expert->> Sr. Expert>- > Manager/Principal Expert- > Partner Director>- > Director->> Partner. Hence profession development is extremely based on ability to exceed technical and win work without which exceeding Supervisor level is incredibly hard. Many techies get disappointed and leave midway due to this.
    4. Partner driven being an LLP. Has actually some downsides compared to a minimal company.
    5. Lagging behind Deloitte for quite a long time now globally in terms of revenue, innovation and management.
    6. Growth highly depending on ability to network!
    7. HR requires massive enhancement in understanding and improving employee relations
    8. Nontransparent efficiency management
    9. Travel for tasks and pursuits based upon levels. Expected. Can’t grow without accepting that.

    As I said, based exclusively on my personal experiences. Hope this assists!

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    Like Every coin has 2 sides, below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages;-LRB-

    Pros –

    1. Handle Fortune 500 clients; excellent opportunities to discover and grow.
    2. Brand Name; you get connected with the world’s leading most Big 4 after Deloitte.
    3. It is best if you are at customer side, you get different jobs and develop innovative designs resulting in your’s and organization’s growth.
    4. Advantages in regards to Educational courses, Medical examination ups, Sports and other occasions.
    5. Informative training modules for people operating at customer side.

    Cons –

    1. Work life balance is difficult to maintain consisting of weekends likewise working for couple of groups.
    2. Pays less as compared to other BIG 4.
    3. Have seen individuals dealing with difficulties in handling with aggressive bosses in few Teams which I guess is at other business too if you get such Employers.
    4. Not among the Worker Friendly Business.

    You did not discuss the precise skills and the SBU and your career level. Anyways back in 2010 I worked with PwC Consulting as a SAP Specialist and left the task within 3 months and I hated the work culture there. Here are my inputs based on my experience of dealing with their Consulting SBU in Kolkata.


    1. PwC brand
    2. Free tea and coffee when you remain in workplace
    3. Great location to hone your political skills

    Disadvantages –

    1. Unskilled, political, back stabbing colleagues
    2. Groupism based upon religious beliefs, neighborhood, even college you lost consciousness from
    3. Low grade work
    4. YES culture say yes and wag your tail to the supervisor almighty
    5. Too much domestic journeys and they do not care they will send you to places without any hotels or visitor homes close by and need to stay in the client workplace of factory which are dirty
    6. There is no future no wish for anything better, come work, take income, go home, eat, sleep, REPEAT.

    I am dealing with Management Consulting division of PwC for the more than an year now, and I joined their just after my MBA. So I may cover this response for the people who are requesting C/SC roles with PwC.

    Excellent people around: Consulting firms like PwC are made from people and if you find people who are willing to help & & support you in your future goals what else do you require at the starting of your profession.

    Open culture: Your position barely matters. You can straight walkin to a partners/ directors cabin and share you concept with them and I am sure they are gon na support it, if it is great

    Great obligations at the start of your career: You will not only be facing the client but you will likewise be associated with numerous organization advancement efforts at a really early stage of your profession

    Enhances your issue resolving skills: You will deal with different customers throughout different markets which improves ur issue fixing skills

    And the flip side with PwC is undoubtedly taking a trip. After all you are obtaining a consulting task and taking a trip is a must. If you are not interested/ ready to take a trip simply don’t go with it.

    Having mentioned all this I don’t say every task with PwC is remarkable. You may work on some boring projects too but at the end if you consider the general experience I expect that’s what it matters.

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    I have had a terrific experience working at PwC.

    The pros and cons are ones own viewpoint. It depends on the line of service you are in.

    In basic the pros are as follows:

    a) It has the majority of the fortune 500 business as its customer. So alot of exposure.

    b) PwC has a great deal of brand name value compared to the other huge 4’s

    c) Work life balance is not that great however not that bad too.

    d) Work environment is far much better compared to others.

    Hope this assists:-RRB-

    PwC is one of the Big4 company with a global presence, supplying guarantee, tax and advisory services.

    Following are the benefits which I might think:

    1. Globally reputed
    2. Provides an enhancing experience in terms of conversations and interactions with management of the clients.
    3. Provides sufficient opportunities to find out, unlearn and relearn.
    4. Much better pay compared to little and midsize markets and CA firms.
    5. Great location for a fresher to start his/her career (Naina Lal Kidwai, First Indian woman to participate in Harvard Organization School, started her career with PwC India prior to participating in HBS).


    1. Really requiring job functions, some consist of constant travel and long hours.
    2. Big4’s have to abide by guidelines and rules in released by global accounting bodies, auditing standard boards and other regulative institutions in terms independence and confidentiality to prevent dispute of interest and any possible collusion with the customers. These regulations demand 100%compliance and high quality documentation. There is a tacit guideline amongst Big4s “ Work not documented is as great as work refrained from doing“. Sometimes compliance with rules and documents consumes more time than performing the work.
    3. Poor work life balance.
    4. Cut throat competitors as one climbs the ladder.
    5. Due to the nature of hierarchy and operations, one would become a professional or expert in just one specific domain/ service line (comparable to a cardiologist or an oncologist in medicine). This could be a disadvantage when one wants to change the service line or sign up with industry.

    Thanks for A2A.

    This can be subjective, but here are some points.

    1. Mainly all Indian clients, but yes they would be premium.
    2. Lot of domestic travel included.
    3. extremely restricted usage of skills as many of the audit procedure are driven by well established, most likely inhouse software application.

    They were the auditing business for Satyam when they did all those HUMONGOUS rip-offs and cooked their books and cheated financiers.

    This ended offering indian companies a really bad name throughout the world.

    My friend worked on the case and apparently all they did was consume at 5 stars when they should have been auditing satyams book, later PWC fired them and did not do anything to the partner handling PWC.

    So you have actually been warned

    Pros: Terrific learning, Growing work practice.

    Cons: After a long time it end up being dull

    The day begins with carrying out public domain checks and doing marketing research and online domain search about entities.

    Performing secondary research and developing in the kind of reports.

    The most satisfying part is to find information about business and people which normally is not available quickly through online sources

    source: Operating At PwC: 90 Evaluations

    you can find more evaluations here.

    Advantages: Work culture is outstanding, excellent chances to work in customer facing role, Excellent brandname, Diverse exposure and chances

    Drawbacks: Excessive travel pan India if you remain in the Advisory division, Reasonably Lower pay plan than Industry peers, too much work overload even on weekends, bad work-life balance

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