What are the advantages of rivers?

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    Well, for contemporary cities, not a lot. Urban landscapes, good bridges, romantic, tourist cruises, but they somehow hinder city practicability, and require to be preserved, controlled for floods, and so on:-RRB-

    However in ye olde times, numerous cities were established and developed near to a river for a number of good factors:

    • Fresh water anytime, no digging wells or craving for small spring sources, you can consume, cook, clean, whatever with an unlimited supply of water, and when you do not have tap water that makes a big distinction.
    • Once we moved from hunter-gatherer to agriculture, the water was basic also for watering veggies, fields, orchards, whatever you grow, along with for your livestock or whatever animals you are reproducing and base your existence on. These require a lot of water.
    • Transport: just stroll upstream, collect lumber, stones, video game, any food or products, whatever you require, put them in a boat and dive in. You’ll get free home shipment as the pristine Amazon Prime. If your products are downstream it’s not so totally free and fast, however you still can have oxen draw your boat from the river bank.
    • Security: Your walls and city entryway should just be on the land side, your enemy will have a hard time originating from the river side, just enjoy your wooden bridge and, in the worst case, burn it.
    • With a bit more innovation, you can even use the river existing as complimentary energy Simply construct your water mill or comparable water-based machines and you can have your servants leave the grind and simply make you a Martini.

    There certainly are other uses for having a river close to house, however I guess these were the main ones that describe why in Europe we enjoyed having the Seine, Thames, Tiber, Danube at a strolling range.

    Rivers are the bearers of human civilisation. Numerous ancient civilisations like the Indus Valley, Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilisation began at the river banks of Indus, Nile and Tigris and Euphrates respectively.

    Rivers triggers flood which brings silt together with and deposits in the flood plain thus increasing the fertility of the soil. These plains of river are generally the food bowl of a specific area. Population is really thick. Eg is the Indo Gangetic Brahmaputra Plain. The beels/ swamps rtc are complete of aquatic life which supports livelihood to individuals living in the area.

    riverways likewise function as means of transport. Numerous crucial rivers has port which are uded for carrying freights. River also works as inland water transportation. Waterway is the most affordable means of transportation.

    Rivers are used for watering purposes, generation of hydroelectricity, recreational functions etc. Lots of important cities of the world like Moscow, London, Varanasi, Kolkata, Haridwar etc are situated on the banks of river

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    There are multiple benefits of rivers-

    ○ source of pure water

    ○ conservation of water

    ○ recharge the aquifer (ground water )

    ○ source of water along the river bads for trees, which increase the biodiversity of plants

    ○ where river water consults with sea water called estuary. Estuary is one of the environment which has greatest biodiversity.

    ○ at the particular distance on river create dams, watershed. From where canals can develop. Canal water can be used for numerous purposes like drinking water, agriculture and so on

    ○ rivers have habitats for different animals like fices, amphibians and mammals and so on


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    Rivers are providing big quantity of benefits for our earth. They are the main water source for all the living beings in the earth. Rivers are rich in numerous kind food and nutrients. Numerous birds and animals use river for drinking water and for food. Rivers offer transport facilities and also supply numerous financial centers such as electrical power, dams and tourism.


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    However, this link should assist you: Benefits Of Rivers


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