What are the advantages of giving CAT exam?

  • Advantages :You stand a chance to get into top B-school.And top of that the smart people you get to share the classroom with for next two year.And if placement with salary figure which could surpass your own expectations & yeah the master degree.

    Its worth giving a shot irrespective of what happened in the past. You have 4 months to work on it. Who knows with bit of luck & if you are smart enough to know which one to ans & which to not .

    Also,do give a crack at SNAP ,IIFT,X-gmat,TISS,XAT.These exams are way below the level of CAT & if you manage to get into say like IIFT ,the average package is 14 lakh .Its the best school in India for International Business studies. Similarly SCMHRD, Its among star cluster for HR along with TISS,XLRI in fact better than IIMs.

    For maths you can refer 8,9,10 CBSE NCERT book to kickstart things for maths.

    In general for CAT I will give you few pointers as in what could help you-

    Firstly ,Make a note of your weak areas in a excel sheet .Mark them as red.Work more on those red areas if required start from scratch .Start from basics ,give sectional mock test and analyse what went right and what went wrong .

    For that you can either solve past year CAT paper or any Time or IMS mock.

    And the reasoning behind all your answer.This is the area you should prepare throughly say for 3-4 month depending upon the number of topic you have marked as red.

    Topic like RC,DI,LR have more weightage in CAT so requires your maximum attention .Also if you are starting now you should give at least 1–2 hours daily in weekdays and 3–4 hours or more on weekends or whenever you get off.

    If you are weak in say Permutation and Combination ,probability .You can afford to spent little less time on such topic .As maximum 2–3 question comes from them . You are better off doing a topic like RC, Critical reasoning than a phrasal verb.

    2. Now coming to your medium and strong areas , go through the basics once and daily solve like 5-10 problems from them to keep in touch till D- day comes.

    Work on basics,practice,practice,practice should be your mantra from today till say a week before exam.

    Read a lot , I mean as much as you can anything under the sun. Reading practice will help you in RCs in CAT which constitutes 24/34 questions in Verbal.

    For DI/LR the only book that comes to my mind is Arihant.

    As far as mocks are concerned i would suggest you join CL Mocks as they are at par with CAT and AIMCATS,SIMCATS are generally way above CAT level.SIMCATS Verbal though i suggest you to solve ,they have some good questions.

    Even Handa ka Funda mocks are good . Ideally you should enroll for 2 mock series . CL & Handa ka Funda I will suggest you.

    Analyse the mocks which is more important than giving a mock .Do not attempt another mock without analysis of mock you gave .Start taking mocks from the month of August last week

    1-1.5 months before actual CAT give 2 mocks per week and here again analyse the mock .If possible you can even write a mock every alternate day .But again catch here is to analyse the mock .Without that do not give another mock.

    This all seems a donkey work ,but this is what will pay you in long run.

    Just an week before actual CAT exam ,stop attempting cat mock test .Try to solve past cat exam paper with 70–80% accuracy.You can start solving paper from 2002–2008.

    This should be enough if you are able to keep up with it . A lot of times you might feel like giving up because of low scores in mocks or your friend might top the mock test . But just chuck it.Mocks score doesn’t guarantee anything on D-day.

    I have seen people score 80–90%tile in mocks get 99.xx .

    What you do in that 3 hours matter a lot,few succumb to pressure & good one’s I mean . A lot boils down to your mental strength as well mocks in that way prepare you a lot for it.

    Stay Calm & be proactive in picking the right question & leaving tough one faster than everyone.

    Give your best .In worst case scenario ,you will have to retake CAT .So what imagine how prepared you will be compared to other CAT taker. Thats still not a worst case scenario ,if you are hell bent on IIMs.

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