What are the actual benefits to NoFap?

  • I have been a bit hesitant to write this answer here on Quora publicly because of the sensitivity of the matter. But I guess, it would be really selfish if I did not share my experiences with NoFap, for it was posts like these on Online Communities that gave me (and still do) the necessary motivation and information to go ahead in this journey. So, it is time to give back to the community.

    Plus, it is something that is scary- putting this side of me online, because of the fear of judgement. And that is a good enough reason why I should do it.

    “Do the thing that scares you and the death of fear is certain. “ – Emerson

    So, coming back to the question.

    What are the actual benefits of NoFap?

    I assume you are asking this question because you are considering going on NoFap. So I will answer in accordance with your requirement.

    Short Answer : Try it for yourself and see. It is certainly different for different people.

    For instance, for me, it has been more of a negative experience than positive. I had to go through a very dark phase, and face all my demons. I have been through faces of severe brain fog- being unable to comprehend what is going on around me, depression, low energy,insane anger out of nowhere, sadness , mood swings, emotional numbness and a lot of other things that I will perhaps describe more vividly in some other answer that is more relevant. And I have fought alone. It is a lonely battle and that is another good reason, why more posts like these need to be written.

    The reason I put forward the Dark Side of NoFap in front of you is not to discourage you but to show you the full picture so that you can decide more clearly whether or not you want to go on this incredibly hard ( it has been for me atleast) journey.

    And actually this is just a temporary phase you have to go through. The amount of time you will be in the Dark Phase depends on your level of Addiction. It could be worse or less intense accordingly. It is quite possible that you do not go through any of the above things.

    Coming back to the benefits-

    You will definitely feel a lot of energy, and vitality. You will feel stronger, be more confident generally. And would feel all the other “Superpowers” that other people describe.

    But, it happens only if you are disciplined enough to add healthy habits to your life (Regular Exercise and Meditation have been key for me and others ) otherwise either you will keeping falling back or even if you get rid of your addiction, it would be replaced by some other unhealthy addictiton like “Video Games” or “Social Media”.

    NoFap gives you a lot of energy. And as I progress in my journey, I feel like this state of NoFap is what is supposed to be a natural state for us men. You would understand when you feel more masculine after a considerable NoFap streak. But then you would face another challenge : How to handle this energy?

    I literally find it difficult these days to concentrate in classes or sit down and study in a focussed manner because I have so much energy that I want to create something or do something. My glass is already so full, that I cannot take in more from the environment. This and a lot of other difficulties. Exercise in the nature helps a lot in this regard as it keeps your energy grounded.

    It is inevitable to go through some phase of darkness if you suddenly quit fapping, sooner or later (Provided you are actually addicted. You could also just not have a dependency on fapping and this answer would be meaningless for you. But even then, you would have a lot of energy on NoFap which you would have to learn to harness. )

    So, to summarize, my advise for you is :

    1. Take it slow. Consider your priorities in life- Are you a student? Or do you have to work everyday to feed yourself and your family ? Or do you have commitments that require you to be energetic and focussed? Maybe it would be a better idea to do NoFap at a time when you do not have a major priority because if you have other priorities and you decide to be on NoFap and all of a sudden, you fall into depression during the time when you need to be grinding, then it would be a burden and would make your life harder. So it is essential to consider all your priorities before starting out so that you do not mess your life instead of unfucking it.
    2. Observe your fapping habits for one week- This would give you some idea about your dependency on it. Do not resist anything. Just observe.
    3. If you notice that it interfering with your daily life, try NoFap for 1 Week, if you do not think it could be a problem, forget about it and have fun. Life is too short.
    4. Reward yourself tremendously for each day of not fapping.
    5. Notice changes after 1 Week.
    6. Celebrate. You have completed one Week.
    7. If you find it to be beneficial, consider it for another week.
    8. Continue every week.
    9. Remember it is okay to fail. NoFap is the hardest thing a man can do. I have failed a million times. But it is worth all the struggle.

    Looking forward to hearing the experiences of other people.

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