The Community Spotlight 2021.02.13

The Community Spotlight 2021.02.13

by Marino – Brad Lynch on

This Spotlight is like a box of chocolates. Most of it tastes awful.

It's been 12 years, huh?
It’s been 12 years, huh?

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best user-created works from the last week! It will be a topic that comes up during the Tweets section, but the Persona 4 Endurance Run celebrated its 12th anniversary. It is often difficult to point to when Giant Bomb “BECAME” Giant Bomb, but the Persona 4 Endurance Run is certainly up there as a driving influence on the site’s direction. Likewise, I know that there are many of you who joined the site and community in response to Giant Bomb’s Persona 4 series. Also, it’s kind of wild to think about how deeply influential the Persona 4 Endurance Run was over the current landscape of video game editorial content. While certainly not the first Let’s Play series, it was one of the first Let’s Play videos by a major game site and helped to set a standard for the format many continue to follow to this day. But yeah, 12 years, huh? We are all getting old. So, let’s review the two items of housekeeping I have for today!


YO! YOU ALL NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED TO WATCH THE TWO VIDEO CLIPS BY SILENTTAKEDOWN! It does not matter if you don’t give a shit about Umineko or anime! These are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Things @alex_navarro did tonight:
Played 44 “love” songs
Played 300th Full Combo: Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame”
Smashed the 45 Gold+ streak record (60)
Rick Rolled several hundred people
At least 7 100% not Full Combos (blame kick pedal?)
Didn’t take a break.

— Brad Lynch (@MarinoV1) February 12, 2021

Vinny: For sure this is more “Spoiler” stuff. Get your spoiler plug at ready.

Jeff: Mine’s already in. Sign up to my OnlyFans you can control it.#GOTY2020 Day Five.

— Giant Bomb Nonsense (@GB_Nonsense) February 11, 2021


UPDATED Giant Beast Mech Poster (By: @humanity)

Now that Alex has started watching Gundam, this poster by Humanity from a few years back is suddenly relevant again! What other Giant Bomb anime mashups would you like to see in the future?

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Abuse in The Medium (By: @jasonr86)

Is The Medium already the sleep hit of 2021?
Is The Medium already the sleep hit of 2021?

JasonR86 uses their latest blog on Giant Bomb to talk about The Medium and how the game’s narrative handles abuse of children. Give it a read using the link below, but be aware of the topic and spoilers!

Mega Archive: Part XXVI: From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Ex-Mutants +

Indie Game of the Week 206: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human (By: @mento)

Back to their usual form, Mento has a couple of blogs for you to enjoy this week! First, Mento has a new episode of their retrospective on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis! This time they look at all the games that releases the end of 1992 on the platform! Second, Mento provides a deep look at The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human! If you are up for some rogue-like aquatic action, give it a read!

Video Game Book Club Guide (By: @totalpatoot)

It's over! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't check out kerikxi's blog series!
It’s over! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out kerikxi’s blog series!

totalpatoot has been running a video game book club for over a year now and shares the ups and downs of hosting such a social group. If you are interested in starting a gaming network yourself, give this blog a read for some tips and tricks!

Twitch Plays FF7 Part 19 FINALE: Getting Revenge and Saying Goodbye (By: @kerikxi)

kerikxi wraps up their series examining Twitch Plays Final Fantasy VII with a look at how the Twitch community tackled the game’s final act and last batch of boss battles! If you missed their earlier episodes, relax! They have a convenient directory at the top of this episode.

The Slax Tax? or Slax’s Game Corner – Ghost of Tsushima (By: @slax)

I think we all can agree the influx of mahjong content on the site is nothing but a positive thing!
I think we all can agree the influx of mahjong content on the site is nothing but a positive thing!

User slax finally got around to playing Ghost of Tsushima after hearing a lot of positive things about it during GOTY discussions! Read if they think it lives up to the hype using the link above!

What’s the Greatest Video Game(s): The Mahjong Huntress and Lost Lands: Dark Overlord (By: @imunbeatable80)

The Mahjong Huntress and Lost Lands: Dark Overlord are the subject of imunbeatable80’s latest blog on Giant Bomb! Give it a read using the link below to see if they recommend either!

Discussion Thread

CD Projekt Red Hit With Ransomware Attack (By: @bigsocrates)

This sure was a thing that happened.
This sure was a thing that happened.

As many of you are aware, CD Projekt Red has been hit by a ransomware attack. What is your reaction to the news? Do you sympathize with CD Projekt? Was there anything about the announcement of the hack you think they could have done better?

Ubisoft To Pivot From AAA To F2P And Back Catalogue (By: @buzz_killington)

What’s your reaction to news of Ubisoft’s CFO’s plan to “pivot the company towards F2P games and remasters of their back catalog? Share your impressions of the news with the rest of the community!

Terraria Developer Cancels Previously Unannounced Stadia Port (By: @franzlska)

Is this the end of Anthem and Bioware as we know it?
Is this the end of Anthem and Bioware as we know it?

Have any of you been following the dispute between Google and Terraria developer, Redigit? Get the details using the link below and share where you stand on the issue.

Schreier Says That EA Is Deciding Whether Or Not To Actually Try And Revive Anthem Or Let It Die (By: @bigsocrates)

Hey Giant Bomb, what is your reaction to the news that EA is deciding soon whether or not to keep Anthem alive or not? Is it an understandable position or unfair to Bioware?

What’s Your Ratio Of Fridge : Freezer? (By: @development)

Here’s a fun discussion thread and poll everyone can get behind! When you look at the food you have that requires refrigeration, how much is in the fridge versus the freezer? Vote and discuss your ratio using the link!

Which Konami Franchises You Wish Them To Return? (By: @gtxforza)

Remember when Konami made video games?
Remember when Konami made video games?

So far, Konami has been relatively quiet this console generation. However, if you could “revive” one “classic” Konami franchise which one would it be? Current communitty picks include Gradius, Castlevania, and Contra!

Wow, The Method For Playing Video Files On PS5 Is Ridiculously Unintuitive (By: @atheistpreacher)

Calling all PS5 owners in the Giant Bomb community! Do you have any tips for watching video files on the platform? A lot of community members in this thread make it seem like the in-console browser is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Your Favorite Game Soundtracks From The 80’s? (By: @gtxforza)

Are you all having fun with a
Are you all having fun with a “new” title?

For everyone who has been gaming for a while. what is your favorite soundtrack from the 1980s? Share, discuss, and defend your pick with a comment in the thread above!

Does Super Mario 3D World Hold Up In 2021? (By: @bigsocrates)

What do you make of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on the Switch? Do you think OG Super Mario 3D World still holds up, or is the main appeal Bowser’s Fury? Share your thoughts with the rest of the community using the link above!

Your Favorite Game Is Becoming A Movie/Show. Who Do You Cast In The Leading Role? (By: @jeremyf)


Inspired by recent news, the community is challenging itself to cast a suite of movie stars to carry a movie adaptation of their favorite games! Here’s a GREAT community suggestion!


Anticipated Titles/Titles I’m Curious about for 2021 and Beyond (By: @scheitzenfruten)

What 2021 titles can't you wait to play?
What 2021 titles can’t you wait to play?

Scheitzenfruten uses their latest list on the site to annotate the big games they cannot wait to play in the next couple of years! Give it a read using the link below and don’t forget to make a list of your own!

Characters Who Should Not Return For An Injustice 3 (By: @jessemb27)

jessemb27 is INCREDIBLY excited for Injustice 3, should it be announced any time soon. However, with rumors swelling, they decided to create a list of characters they hop do not return.

User Reviews

  • @wemibelle‘s Pathologic 2 review on the site shares why they think there’s no game out there that can match its odd mix of beauty and brutality.


This PAX moment is over six years old!
This PAX moment is over six years old!


We have a lot of big video game anniversaries coming up next week, but here’s one that a lot of people missed: Firewatch is five years-old! That said, what is Firewatch?

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