Is it safe to take.5 mg of Ativan daily? Why?

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    Dont let people scare you. I was on ativan (probably a greater dose than that) every day for about a year and a half along with zoloft for depression and anxiety when i remained in high school. My stress and anxiety got under control and i simply stopped taking both drugs entirely since i didnt feel i needed them any longer, not because my dr or anyone informed me to- my dr would have kept perscribing them had i kept going. No weaning off, no negative effects, no withdrawls, nothing. The only factor i need an ativan now a days (which i do not even have) is when my stress and anxiety gets truly bad and i understand im going to have an anxiety attack, which is most days. Uncertain why everyone has such issues with this medication though- so i don’t see why you would have an issue.

    I took benzos daily to treat muscular convulsions. I too was worried enough about addiction to ask my medical professional about it. I was informed that because I was taking it as prescribed for a medical condition and didn’t have an addicting personality, it wouldn’t be a problem. I was also informed that when it was time to come off, there ‘d be help readily available. Neither of those things was true.

    I’m not going to explain what took place to me as it was truly horrific. Rather I’m going to offer you the advice that I want had actually been provided to me. Seek healthy methods to address your sleeping disorders and stress and anxiety even if it needs a little bit of deal with your part. Benzodiazepines don’t treat anything and can possibly leave you much, much even worse off than you were.

    So my response, based upon my personal experience, is no. It isn’t safe to take Ativan (or any other benzo) daily.

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    As a Pharmacist, I would see no problem if taking that dose daily. There would be very little addiction potential at that dose, however probably extremely little healing effect too.

    Ativan 1 mg is a medication that is utilized to deal with the psychological illness referred to as stress and anxiety. Ativan belongs to the benzodiazepines class of drugs and they act straight on the central nerve system, which will undoubtedly produce a cooling result. They will in reality boost different natural chemicals that exist in the body.

    How to use Ativan Tablets

    Your pharmacist or physician can actually direct you in utilizing Ativan drug as there are numerous methods of utilizing it. If not used in the proper way, it can have more problems on your psychological and physical health.

    The medication can be taken by mouth either alone or in addition to the food based upon the instructions given by the doctor. Based on your age and medical condition, the dosage of Ativan can differ. If you take this drug as per the appropriate guidelines from your doctor, then you will be getting the very best results. You likewise require to take the drug at the exact same time every day.

    I have a psychiatrist from Columbia/Yale prescribing me.5 mg 2x daily. I began at.25 now I’m taking.75 and I am comfy with that as an optimum. I could not work before. I had an anxiety attack and remained in the ER. I do not leave your house and I remain in consistent worry. So … the benefits exceed the danger in the meantime. Listen to your medical professional and if you desire get a consultation. Do not listen to individuals on here who are not knowledgeable about your own special circumstance and are not medical professionals.

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    Yes, if your doctor has actually prescribed this medication. If utilized for anxiety I would recommend it short-term. You require to learn from professionals how to deal with your stress and anxiety as dependence and tolerance of this drug can occur.

    Ask your medical professional more about it. Seriously. That’s a very low dose. Xanax is dangerous and Valium is a bad idea since it’s a 24 hour drug. Ativan diminishes completely in three to four hours.

    Are you sure this isn’t stress and anxiety talking? It’s something I recognize with

    Addicts are mentally dependent. You’re worried about physical dependency. It’s different. But the genuine issue is what anxiety can do to you. It’s not a hassle. When you get Ativan it’s a condition.

    The possible alternative is propanol and melatonin however that does not work for every one. However we’re not doctors- so take your medications and talk with yours.

    No medication is okay to handle a daily basis because it’s not making it go away, it’s simply masking it. Depending on the length of time you have been on it, and if you take it every night. Everybody’s body is different. However if you have actually been on it for more than 6 months and take it every night, and after that simply stop, then yes, you are going to feel some sort of withdrawal symptoms. A substantial negative effects can be seizures which can be harmful. Benzos are one of the only medications that you can pass away from withdrawals. I would speak with a physician if you require aid.

    If you really require it & & the advantages outweigh the negatives for your individual circumstance then you kinda of do not have a choice. Attempt not to take them long term. Benzos aren’t even created to be taken for more than 6 months (which’s max) … Ideally your dr did that and evaluated your scenario …

    Sadly not all do effectively though in regards to that especially in the states where overprescriptipn of such drugs is ending up being a problem.

    View your memory develop into a goldfish though from utilizing that everyday. Simply a direct lol.

    And it is most likely that you will have to up your dose if you plan on utilizing benzos long term, which I do not reccomend. Before you know it the dose you pointed out will barley do anything. It’s called tolerance my friend.

    I speak from experience formerly using low doses of benzos to deal with awful anxiety due to specific things. Thankfully I tapered my self off them. Extreme memory & & cognitive problems being the primary factor as they worked wonders otherwise. They are helpful though. Just if you truly need them – You and your hopefully not prescription trigger happy dr can help you choose that.

    Also everyday use of benzos for a month or more can result in addiction and or physical dependence. Which isn’t a quite sight. Technically benzo withdrawl is more harmful & & obviously worse of an experience than opiate withdrawl. That sounds bad. Something I have actually likewise had to go through – opiate withdrawal not benzo wd. Thank God I didn’t take benzos for too long so I didn’t get too dependent.: But don’t take my word for it only. Look online at the many benzo dependency and withdrawl experiences.

    Anyways. Best of luck dealing with your stress and anxiety. There are more natural ways too so I suggest checking out that. And I understand for some it does not be sufficient however excellent sleeping practices, daily I tense excersise for 30 mins and decreasing drug use assists for some too.

    If the no medication route isn’t your thing look int maybe less damaging but still kinda bad anxiety lowering drugs like medical cannabis or lyrica.

    After just ending up a 2-month reduce 0.5 mg of Ativan, all I can state is do not even attempt it. That tiny pill will end up being a craving every day. I took it for 3 months, one tablet daily, and was crawling the walls, waiting on my next tablet. Attempt anything else– simply not this drug. It’s wicked in a pill, think me. There are other methods to handle stress and anxiety– tapping, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and other methods. Talk with your doctor about an option to Ativan, as this drug is very addictive. I have actually reduced, but am still experiencing rebound sleeping disorders. Damn near ruined my life.

    Addiction is not dosage specific.

    Benzodiapines do bring a threat of dependency.

    You ought to discuss your individual needs with your medical professional – however remember there are alternatives; Attempt not to get mentally connected – that might be part of the procedure of dependency.

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