If I have Amazon prime, does that mean I get free shipping on …

  • Look for the Prime label which indicates free shipping. There are lots of 3rd party vendors which fulfill purchases and Amazon allows them to charge $3.99 for basic shipping. Expedited shipping costs more.

    The answer, then, is not everything on Amazon is covered by Prime for free shipping.

    No…you would only get the free shipping on items coming from Amazon’s warehouses. If the seller is shipping the item from where they store it then you would still have to pay shipping. It’s been a while since I had Prime, but I believe the ones covered by Prime free shipping are denoted by the Prime label on the item.

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    No, not every item qualifies for free shipping when you have Amazon Prime. There are different types of shipping available across the site. There is Prime eligible, then some things will just be free, while others may have a charge. When searching for items, you can filter to see only results for Prime items. To be sure, each item will specify if it has free shipping or not.

    No. With Prime, you get free two-day shipping on many of the items that Amazon sells. However, you don’t get free two-day shipping on everything. Amazon lets third-party sellers sell stuff through its store, some of which offer free shipping, but those items don’t qualify for Prime shipping.

    Yes on all Prime eligible items on Amazon. The original premise of Prime was Free 2 day shipping. That was the only perk you got originally. As more and more digital content became available Amazon added those perks to the Prime membership. But people who have been Prime members for a long time originally joined for free shipping.

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    The short answer is No, you only get free shipping with certain items. I have Amazon Prime and there’s so much more to it. You get music and tv shows too included with your prime membership.

    A plain and simple answer would be: No.

    Always look for what I call the ‘Prime eligible’ logo:

    Also,understand this: There are broadly three category of products on Amazon.

    1. Sold and shipped by Amazon: Prime eligible unless mentioned other wise

    2. Sold by a third party seller, shipped by Amazon: Prime eligible unless mentioned otherwise

    3. Sold and shipped by a third party seller on Amazon: Not eligible for Prime unless mentioned that they are eligible for Prime shipping.

    So make sure you check the shipping arrangement while placing the order. Sometimes, an item may be prime eligible but the estimated delivery date could be further than 2 days if the product is not in stock.

    Always check the estimated date of delivery while checking out and making a payment.

    Hope this helps!

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    No. Only on items that are qualified for PRIME as the item must be in Amazons fulfillment centers and not shipped by merchant/ Seller. In some cases a Seller my ship from their warehouse SELLER FULFILLED PRIME – but the Buyer would never know the difference as on the surface it appears the same.

    Yes and no. If the Prime logo is there, you will, but there at some exceptions.

    With Prime Pantry, you need to fill your entire box to avoid paying shipping costs.

    With Prime Now, you will need to order $35 or more to avoid shipping costs.

    With Fresh, you will need to order $100 or more to avoid shipping costs.

    Also keep in mind that Prime is not always the cheapest way to go. You can oftentimes procure the same item through FBM (usually a little cheaper plus 3.99 shipping for standard size items, with some exceptions) in the same condition for less. Amazon competes against its own sellers at lets the customer choose whether they are willing to pay a little bit more for speed or wait a little longer to save. I personally prefer the latter after my employee discount is used up for the year.


    Some products which are not amazon fulfilled needs their shipping to be paid with the order.

    Yes, You will get free shipping but only if the product is listed under Prime.

    Just look for Prime logo next to products when you search. You can also use the Prime logo filter to Prime items only.

    They do on many, but not all items. The items they don’t are usually third party sellers. Also in the case of pantry items that are too light or heavy to ship such as sponges or cases of soda pop you might need to have a minimum total of $25.

    When looking on the original ordering page look to see the Prime logo (a blue and yellow logo) or something that says Prime eligible or is a Subscribe & Save or their Wardrobe (Try before you buy). Also be aware if the sale is final or eligible for free return by a certain date which will also be on the product page and when ordered. Usually during the end of year holidays the return dates are extended.

    ineligibility criteria

    1. Items fulfilled by Amazon Marketplace sellers that are not marked as Prime-eligible.

    2. Any item that doesn’t have a message indicating that it’s eligible for Prime on its product page.

    3. International destinations

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