I trample my bf and step on his chest and stomach and I am 85 …

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    Since I was a kid, I’ve always had this thing for girls and or women to walk all over my body front and back head to toe and this goes back close to 70 years ago. I will admit none of the females that I had walk all over me where really heavy or obese but a number of them would definitely over 85 kilos and I never had a problem. Having said that, the women that did walk on me were either barefoot in socks stockings or were wearing loafers or flat shoes running shoes and definitely none were wearing heels! That is one thing I do not understand and if you search the internet it is amazing how ma


    Its fine. The human body is very strong. For example, it takes 265 lbs to crush a human skull. He could hold 10 women on him at once. Even if he passed out from not being sble to breathe just get off…he will be ok. You are just concerned about your weight as most women are. Just dont jump.

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    Don’t put your 85kg on another person’s chest and stomach. You will eventually cause some damage. Use common sense, please.

    You’re going to send him to the hospital, you idiot. It’s yes and yes for your question. He is suffering some pain and it is dangerous for him.

    Likely, the agony comes from the feeling of being unable to breathe. This causes an intense feeling of fear and panic.

    I have experienced this sensation myself many times during ground grappling classes, usually when a training partner puts a lot of weight on my chest and I’m unable to escape the position.

    Getting this panic is no direct sign of harm by itself. In fact, one can train one’s body to get used to the situation to some degree, by trying to stay calm and breathing calmly. By staying calm, the body needs less oxygen, and the restricted breathing becomes less of a reason to panic.

    But if


    Just think about it for a second. To trample would imply that the motion you’re doing is crushing him. You know, the word that means to “compress or squeeze forcefully, potentially to the point of breakage.” And take the weight into account. More mass times acceleration, is more force. Even without applying your own force, if you’re just standing on him, gravity is still pulling you down. You have your entire 85 kilograms pushing on his chest, compressing and squeezing his ribs, heart, lungs, or any other important muscles and glands that the chest contains.

    TL;DR: If you squeeze or compress so


    Its called a trample fetish. I let my fiance trample me a lot. I have a foot and trample fetish and she loves it. It may hurt a little but test it out

    Is stomach trampling dangerous? I like getting trampled by females as I like and enjoy their weight on my stomach, chest, face etc. It gives me sort of pleasure. I like them jumping and stomping a bit. Please tell me. Is it dangerous for my abdomen?

    Use pin heels to trample chest, balls and throats

    In the year 2017 i gained too much weight and this was one of the reasons behind my depression. I became less confident about myself,I didn’t want to face people! Because i was afraid of all those comments about my weight!

    So This is me when i was 65+ (my height is only 5’1”)

    In 2018, i joined medical college…from here started my “lose you damn weight” journey!

    Since i’m from Bangladesh, my main food is rice which is full of carbohydrates! So after coming to hostel i stopped eating at night..then i saw a good change in my weight! But soon my body did cope up with this and i was no longer loosing


    Basically all depends upon the calorie intake…….initially i used to take around 5000+ calories in a day in form of biscuits,namkeens, kachori,momos etc.

    And the end result was my weight which came around 100 kg.

    But then i started cycling with strict ban on my sugar and fast food intake and also few changes such as

    1. I used to drink warm water throughout the day
    2. Green tea in morning,around 4 pm in evening
    3. No sugar instead jaggery some day is allowed
    4. No refined flour like maida etc.
    5. 2 chapatis with curd in lunch and some salads
    6. 5 egg whites around 8 pm/oats also you can take
    7. Cycled for around 1 hour daily



    Sometimes even by accident

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