How to make much deeper cuts without increasing the quantity of pain

  • I simply wish to say that it is clearly not good for your body and health to cut. This can trigger infections or a cut too deep or in the wrong place might end your life. Another negative result is using this problem later on to prove mental issues exist and the outlet utilized for this was violent. Self-mutilation can be used versus you to show proficiency or frame of mind.

    I have Bipolar 1 with borderline character disorder and stress and anxiety and clinical/manic depression. When I was more youthful and not diagnosed or treated yet, I took pleasure in discomfort as an escape from my mind and the problems that were afflicting me. I prevented cutting due to the inability to conceal it. But I would eat and remove the skin beside my fingernail on my thumbs. When they were simply scar tissue, I then transferred to selecting my gums. I began that at 7 or 8 years of ages and still do it now at 29 years of ages. Digging up a piece of the gum in between the teeth (usually between the bottom teeth in the 5 middle spaces) offers a rush of euphoric high and releases my mind for a few seconds. I am certain you get a high or quantity of enjoyment from the cuts. But more cuts are required on the skin for that to continue. The little piece of gum removed can be irritated to supply the exact same discomfort over and over for a minimum of a couple of hours and approximately a couple of days. Touching the area with the head of a red-phosphorous match causes extremely extreme discomfort.

    I’m simply providing an alternative which doesn’t trigger health issues and isn’t noticeable and will offer a comparable outcome. Just don’t select the base of the gums to the root. The gums recover and grow back to some level.

    I understand what types of pain and feelings would lead you to this, and it seems like there is no issue with the decision to harm yourself. However there are possible consequences that will happen later on in life. Entry into the armed force can be rejected (and normally will or will lead to psych evals to determine if you’re psychologically healthy to serve). Not sure if that’s an interest for you, but it is one issue to understand. Other concerns with getting work can take place. Seeing visual signs like these can cause people to evaluate either deliberately from bias or simply as an uncontrolled action to what we believe is appropriate and not. Likewise, there are just the reasonable issues with impacting social interactions and personal relationships. By limiting these, you will just grow the hidden problems which is the cause for your desire to cut. My problems resulted in drug dependency which I have battled for 12 years. This is not coming from someone simply preaching about why it’s great to be “typical.” I’m far from typical and I’m alright with that. I work as an engineer and have for 8 years with my battles with addiction and bipolar disorder, however this has actually been possible through medication from my psychiatrist and therapy to develop methods to deal with anxiety and hyperactivity. It is your choice how to deal with your life, however take it from someone who has battled with satanic forces and mental issues for such a long time, you will start to discover a sense of peace, clearness and approval of any issues. This will lead to reliable methods to live your life with any problems and not live your life based on the issues.

    I would recommend you to stop cutting, but it is simply an idea that I believe will assist you out now and later on. I don’t desire anyone out there to battle problems with the destructive methods I did or similar methods. And regardless, you need to get a psychiatrist appointment and talk with a psychologist and/or therapist. This isn’t an indicator of you or me stating you’re insane. There’s no shame in helping yourself, and embarrassment needs to never ever even cross your mind. This may all sound foolish or not like something you require, but a minimum of give them a shot and see how things go. You do not like it or it isn’t handy to you, you might go when and end it. I would give anything to go back and be diagnosed earlier and get going living my life the method I must have. A minimum of consider it.

    Dream you the very best and will help out if I can. To answer your actual concern, no way to cut much deeper and be safe. Damage much deeper in the skin layers will just increase the probability of infection and more severe, irreversible damage. Make sure and you never ever have to handle problems on your own.

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