How to hang myself

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    Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

    Sorry for the necroposting here, just figured I’d give some tips, one suicidal veteran to another (If you aren’t dead in the year thats passed)

    Yadayada don’t kill yourself shit will always pass blah blah consult the suicide hotline so on so forth. As I know you, the aspiring suicidal isn’t looking for that same old crap. Just know the odds of you successfully killing yourself are low, and may leave you with severe brain trauma if you fail to meet those odds. WIth that out of the way, onto the guide!

    I wouldn’t recommend a coarse fiber, but rather a natural one such as jute or hemp (bit trivial as if you do it right you’ll be dead quickly anyways). I expect you already know how to tie a hangmans noose, if not thats the baseline. Onto the actual hanging!

    Begin by determining the rope length needed for a measured hanging, then go from there. Create six loops in the knot and place the knot on your occipital protuberance (snugly around the neck, directly behind the left ear). Going back to the previously mentioned rope length, this is necessary to ensure a quick, painless death so make sure you have enough space underneath the intended location of hanging. An area with complete open space of about ten feet (3.5 meters) tends to be best. Take a highway overpass for example as seen in the case of this unlucky fellow.

    For the condition of the rope consult the Procedure for Military executions (Department of the Army. December 1947):

    The rope will be boiled and then stretched while drying to elim-

    inate any spring, stiffness, or tendency to coil. The hangman’s

    knot (figure 7) will be used in the preparation of the noose. That

    portion of the noose which slides through the knot will be treated

    with wax, soap, or grease to insure a smooth sliding action through

    the knot.

    How does one properly hang themself? Please dont say dont kill yourself, life is too hard, I only want to die without pain.

    As long as you successfully complete the hanging… there is no proper or improper way…

    What are they going to do ?? Complain you tied the wrong knot….

    Please don’t !

    Im myself thinking of suicide but while i was reading these answers i thought of someone coming in the door and seeing me just hang there. They would cry hours, weeks, months maybe after that. Please think, maybe i wont be strong enough to resist my thoughts but you please be.

    I’m sorry that you feel this way, but please please reconsider.

    I know I’m just a soulless person on the internet but try and contact someone in your country to help you through such a dark period in your life. I know, I’ve been through it myself.

    There is someone out there waiting for you, waiting to help. Be strong. I know that is hard at the moment, don’t throw your life away at such a young tender age. My own son is nearly your age and he is struggling mentally himself.

    It’s pretty self explanatory how to hang yourself but why should I tell you how when the police might arrest ME for assisting suicide? See it isn’t all about you, get over it and help other people even if your life is shit

    Entertainment purposes only. Human life is valued at around 9 million. Don’t kill yourself or anyone. You matter. You need a far enough drop for the thirteen knotted noose to break your neck when you drop. Miscalculation means hanging and choking to death instead. You want the clean neck snap which means you need to fall.

    Sweetheart you don’t and PLEASE listen to me you have a wonderful life ahead of you for you deserve that. If someone is hurting you I need you to go and get help. Please reach out to friends, family and or a pastor or counselor at school and ask for help. We all need help sweetie and if you need to call 911, and just know people do care.

    By your feet is best will get blood flowing to your brain and make you realise what a wonderful opportunity life is and you want to throw it away

    A great man once said, ‘Instead of thinking of one reason to die, think of thousand other reasons to live…’

    ‘Time is the best healer’, my friend. Whatever you are going through, might be tough. Won’t argue with that! But let time do the magic. And couple that with engaging yourself with activities and believe me, the healing angel will fasten the process.

    Coming back to your question,

    If you really want to hang yourself, then don’t hang like this:

    Instead hang like this:

    It’s simple. Just hold on to any strong rod and let yourself free!

    Try it.

    Carpe diem!

    ok, well…you cant hang yourself. you are made only so hung and thats that.


    You’ve probably searched that because you think that ending your life is the best solution, and honestly, i’m in the same situation right now

    I don’t care who you are, how old you are, where do you live, it doesn’t matter, because no life deserves to be taken.

    Think about all the summers you’ll miss, all the smiles, all the kisses, all the cakes, all the things that are making you laugh, even if you don’t really smile anymore, cause maybe you’re depressed, maybe you’re just “going through something”, maybe a close person passed away. I know that right now, you think that you don’t have anything to do on hearth anymore, but think about all the people you’ll hurt, you just need time, you just need to think about life, and not about death.

    why so someone else has to see that and deal with that shit.You only get one life and you want to end it there is no going back and no afterlife.Suicide Doesn’t End the Chances of Life Getting Worse, It Only Eliminates the Possibility of It Ever Getting Any Better! you want to have someone find you hanging and dead but did you know when you die you piss and shit so how would you look like then .There is too much shit going on in the world at this very moment allot of suffering and so many people could use some help you would feel so much better helping others trust me Im not talking bullshit show this to someone and see if they agree

    You don’t.

    Wanting to end your life seems to come from unrelieved suffering. I say seems as I have not personally dealt with this, but my daughter hung herself unable to be free of suffering for many reasons I won’t go into. Not that I’m ashamed of her reasons but becausr this answer is intended for you.

    Feeling isolated and alone, thinking that current unhappiness can’t change, circumstances that feel insurmountable- all of these things can feel like they will never end. But they can. It takes some life changes, a commitment to being a champion in your own life, and not settling for anything less. Mental health professionals or talking with psychologists can help determine what is causing the hopelessness.

    I think we are all here for a reason. You being here means you matter. You matter and should find your happiness.

    Just please don’t.

    #nationalsuicidehotline: 1–800–273–8255

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