How to get over anxiety

  • 1. Understand what is occurring in your body under anxiety and throughout an anxiety attack.

    You require to understand first of all what is happening within your body and how tension is created; since once you understand that, you’ll accept it more quickly and know better what to do to decrease it.

    People who have agoraphobia (worry of congested places, where they can’t escape easily) will in some circumstances such as a crowded metro, a concert or a grocery store … see their body reacting as if it was a real situation of threat. Like in the jungle when you meet a tiger, your instinct will make you choose between 2 actions to make it through: fight or flight

    We need to comprehend that this happens to us because of our personalities, which are by nature more practical, some stories of our past that touched us deeply and our requirement to control our life perfectly.

    For people with stress and anxiety (worry that something happens) and panic attacks (anxiety at its worst level), it is the exact same, the city is the tiger. A congested location will make their body react in order to “make it through” to the circumstance, which is considered a risk. We require to understand that this takes place to us because of our personalities, which are by nature more practical, some stories of our past that touched us deeply and our need to control our life completely. Those are the main attributes of someone with stress and anxiety.

    How does your body react to survive? Adrenaline is released in the body in order to act quicker, have much better reflexes and lessen any possible pain (if the tiger bites you). In more information, adrenaline makes the heart pumping more blood in order to provide more oxygen to the muscles and brain to make them “stronger” to fight or leave quickly. The breathing increases subsequently to bring enough oxygen. The digestion will stop because it’s considered useless on this moment of emergency Everything in the body is programed to have the very best efficiency to combat or flight Nevertheless, in front of a tiger, you do not have time to consider all those signs within yourself, while in the congested metro or at the show, you tend evaluate more those disagreeable feelings and that makes you scared that something like throwing up, passing away or passing out, could take place.

    Therefore we need to comprehend the procedure our body is going through, prior to attempting to manage our stress and anxiety correctly. It’s always much easier to recuperate from something that we understand than battling the unknown. To do so, you wish to check out, follow programs and find people who had the exact same battles, to feel better about the concept of having an anxiety attack.

    2. Do Something About It

    Many people with stress and anxiety want to remain in their comfort zone (check out house) in order avoid any anxiety attack. But in this case they do not live any longer.

    But truly, if you take your guts in your hands and never ever give up on attempting to keep choosing activities, you will remain in the long term increasingly more utilized to this sensation of anxiety. You will handle it much better and mainly will not be afraid to do brand-new things, and subsequently your life will be much less minimal.

    After a time, the opportunity that it really appears will be really low, but if it does anyhow, you understand far better how to respond to it, thanks to all this experience you have gained by going out and facing your fears.

    So if you force yourself to head out of your house and of your comfort zone as much as possible, you will see fantastic outcomes. Do not expect to have no panic attack while heading out, since if this occurs, you will be depressed and disappointed of yourself afterwards and won’t have the ability to go out anymore. Just permit yourself to go out and agree with the fact that perhaps one anxiety attack might appear and even if it’s not enjoyable on the moment. It is far more deserving in the long term to have tried once again and once again to fight it and finally diminish it, ultimately getting to the point where you won’t even think of it any longer. Your life will be so much more fulfilled due to the fact that your body got utilized to never stop trying brand-new things even if you understand that a panic may appear. After a time, the possibility that it actually appears will be really low, however if it does anyhow, you know better how to react to it, thanks to all this experience you have actually gained by going out and facing your fears.

    3. Recognize and Accept

    Those two first steps are the secret to a much better management of anxiety. We would like to know what’s happening in our bodies, and then try to head out of our comfort zones as much as possible.

    But then when stress and anxiety really strikes you … Whatever starts from recognizing and accepting its existence.

    When you feel that your body is responding to a certain circumstance, like a congested metro, with the signs that your heart is pumping much faster, your breath is quicker and this sensation of escaping the situation occurs, you need to first of all acknowledge that this anxiety starts This is your body that reacts to something that you don’t like and attempting to in fact secure you from death with a service to survive: adrenaline.

    Your objective now is to reprogram your brain by telling it there is no need to be afraid in those circumstances. And to do so, you need to work on your inner voice.

    As soon as you acknowledge it and understand what is happening to you, the next step is to accept it, implying that you don’t go against it since it would make the circumstance worse for you and bring still more stress and anxiety in the moment showing up to a panic attack. Remember that those signs will appear instantly in some places due to the fact that they have actually been set in your complex brain all of a sudden one day, given that it believed that there was a danger.

    They are really not against you, however with you in order to make you make it through! Other than that your body does not utilize this survival response at the right time. Your objective now is to reprogram your brain by informing him that there is no need to be scared in those circumstances. And to do so, you need to deal with your inner guide.

    When you feel your body beginning to respond to a circumstance:

    1) First thing you do is telling to yourself: Okay, I remain in a situation that my body does not like and that’s why I’m feeling all these sensations in my body today. I recognize it. I know that I am getting anxious right now because of … (the crowded metro).

    4. Breathe correctly!

    Breathing is a natural thing that we do automatically. When it comes to the topic of the stress and anxiety, the breath requires to be a bit more mindful to decrease this experience of suffocation and subsequently avoid an awful panic attack.

    When we breathe normally, the oxygen can be found in and out naturally. When we do sport, our breath speeds up because more oxygen is required to feed the muscles. What few individuals know is that when we get nervous and distressed, it is quite the exact same! Our muscles likewise require more oxygen in order to battle or flight. We start to breathe quicker.

    To breathe properly under anxiety, we need to take long and deep puffs of air in the lungs in order to offer a signal to the brain that there is no need to tension here. Inform him to relax Even if our heart is pumping like insane and requesting a lot of oxygen, if we in some way force the breath to be quiet and deep, the body will rapidly relax. Next time you feel stressed out, nervous or getting into a panic attack, start being conscious of your breath and control it into deep and calm puffs of air through your stomach.

    5. Talk to yourself positively.

    Many people believe adversely when they have an anxiety attack. They make certain they are going to lose consciousness or vomit or perhaps die! And all those negative ideas make whatever even worse!

    However if you begin speaking with yourself in a strong positive method (like you do to your buddy or a kid), you will make your life much better. Undoubtedly, when your body responds to a situation towards which you are personally sensible, after acknowledging the stress and anxiety minute with the symptoms and accepting them, you require to begin to talk perfectly to yourself! That’s actually the most challenging part and your greatest job in this entire experience

    Many people think negative when they have a panic attack. They are sure they are going to pass out or vomit or even die! And all those negative ideas make whatever worse!

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