Can you join the military with anxiety?

  • Can you join the military with anxiety?

    You can join the military with a lot worse. If the question is “does a diagnosed disclosed condition of anxiety prevent you on paper” then possibly, but even then… . Here’s the deal: If the military is your dream, then daggone do it. Everybody has a certain level of anxiety, some more debilitating than others, but remember that life’s not fair and whatever is worth it to you must be taken by force.

    I respect a person who overcomes odds to do the things they want, because they are the people who will do the same in life / death situations. The hardcore athletic motherfucker is good to have when everything is status quo and all we have to do is shoot. But the crazy determined fool who joined in spite of all kinds of shit going against them is the most reliable when everything’s gone to shit.

    Stop asking the question if you really want to join; find a way to understand your mind and then create a life hack to at least put your anxiety in some submission. Then become a soldier or airman or Marine or sailer or coastiebaby or legionnaire or whatever other service is in your heart. As for whether or not they will “let” you, I say knock on enough recruiters doors-one will get you in.

    Overcoming anxiety and doing the damn thing will put you mentally leagues ahead of anyone you’ll meet in boot. Those are the intangibles that the real warriors embody. It wouldn’t be your only challenge, but it will be your first major victory. Get at it and good luck.

    It is not the size or ability of the dog in the fight, it is the amount of “fuck it” in the dog that matters.

    Military personnel is someone who goes through a lot of mental pressure and stress throughout his journey, and therefore, it is always ideal to hire a person who is mentally fit.

    Anxiety is a mental disorder in which a person usually gets breathlessness, palpitations, fear etc. which is dangerous for military personnel and the fellow people.

    Therefore, it is not ideal to join the military if you have anxiety issues. However, people try to do opposite and either they do not present their mental assessment certificate or they get a fake one. Doing this is a punishable offence as you’re not just putting your life in danger but putting others as well.

    But nowadays, hiring psychologists in the interview panel has become a trend and they run important mental health tests because of which it has become next to impossible to fake anything.

    I would suggest if you want to be a part of the military and have anxiety, consider a post at the back rather in front. Joining the military is a way of contributing towards your nation, and you still can do it being at the back post as well.

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    Can you? Probably, especially if you’ve never been officially diagnosed. It’s a terrible idea though – I’ve met a couple sailors that did just that, in fact, and none of them lasted long before pushing for a mental-health discharge.

    Our job is, by nature, extremely stressful, and adding GAD on top of that will most likely push you quite close to suicide. Do yourself, and our military, a favor – don’t.

    There are other meaningful ways to contribute to society.


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    No. Not if it’s a diagnosed condition. However, they wouldn’t find out if you don’t tell them. But you could be putting lives at risk.

    Anxiety can be a serious debilitating condition, and can come at unexpected times. It’s not something you want to take into a high stress situation or career.

    Most likely they will turn you down with any history of a diagnoses anxiety condition or other psychiatric care.


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    I doubt it and even if you can I wouldn’t. I been Suffering from anxiety my whole life I’ve been and still am on meds do you think you’re gonna tell your Sargent I have to take a break from any kind of drill because you’re having an anxiety attack? Or while you’re doing your morning run he’s gonna let you stop and take a xanax? And noway your fellow soldier is gonna trust you to watch there back in a fox hole.


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    if you have anxiety issues , learn good breathing exercise and meditation, you can easily overcome anxiety. I personally suggest Sudarshan kriya of art of living But I suggest do not join a stressful profession like military which can aggravate ur condition. I might sound negative but I don’t want to give you the rosy picture of wearing uniform and making a career in uniformed forces. Rather choose a career where u would love to go to work! Enjoy each day and live free!!


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    For anxiety disorders (for example, panic disorder), a person cannot enter the armed services if they needed any inpatient care, or outpatient care for more than 12 months cumulatively. They must not have needed any treatment for their anxiety disorder in the past 36 months.

    Depends on how bad it is. If it will impede your performance, then they likely won’t take you. State of mind is just as if not far more important as the state of your body.


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