Bar worker ‘stabbed’ in horror CBD brawl

Bar worker ‘stabbed’ in horror CBD brawl

Three men have been charged and police are searching for another two after an alleged stabbing at a lingerie bar in Sydney’s CBD.

Police allege a group of five men had been drinking at the Concourse Bar in Wynyard about 6pm on Thursday when a staff member asked them to stop smoking in a non-smoking area.

A heated argument broke out before one of the men allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the 34-year-old employee twice in the ribs and back as horrified onlookers watched on.

In video filmed by a witness, a woman can be heard shouting “Leave him alone” before a man appears to take a wild swing at another person as bystanders gasp and scream.

All five men left the scene.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Detective Acting Superintendent Paul Dunstan alleged the men had been drinking alcohol before things escalated into a “push and shove” and the incident turned bloody.

“For reasons unknown this man has (allegedly) produced a knife and in a rather aggressive manner approached a staff member and in a double roundhouse motion … I would describe it as, stabbed him twice,” he alleged.

The staffer was treated at the scene by paramedics before he was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital in a critical condition with stab wounds to his back and side. He is now in a serious but stable condition.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Giles Buchanan said the man had suffered two collapsed lungs, which could have been fatal if paramedics hadn’t arrived within minutes.

When first responders began treating him, he was awake and saying that he was struggling to breathe.

“The intensive care paramedic on scene managed to decompress and reinflate the lungs, allowing the gentleman to breathe again,” Inspector Buchanan said.

Superintendent Dunstan said the man was “still not in a good way” but had stabilised on Friday.

“It was an extremely serious incident.”

A short time after the incident, police found three of the alleged offenders nearby.

Police are still searching for two others, including a 19-year-old man from sydney’s southwest who left his ID at the venue.

Superintendent Dunstan said it would be alleged the teenager was responsible for the violent stabbing but would not confirm whether he was known to police.

“We strongly recommend this gentleman hand himself in to his local police,” he said.

“It’s a horrific incident, and all staff deserve to feel safe in their workplace.

“The alleged situation escalated quite quickly and violently … to have a man (allegedly) thrashing around a knife and stabbing a man twice, it was quite a traumatic incident.”

Three men were taken Surry Hills police station where a 31-year-old Carlton man was charged with assault and affray. He was refused bail and will appear at Central Local Court on Friday.

A 29-year-old man from Narwee was charged with affray. He was granted conditional bail and will appear before Downing Centre Local Court later this month.

A 34-year-old man, from Ridgewood in Western Australia, was issued a criminal infringement notice for offensive language.

“The incident that occurred this evening is currently under investigation by Sydney City Police Area Command, and in order to assist them we are unable to make any comments,” Concourse Bar licensee Rob Di Francesco said.

NSW Ambulance said four crews were dispatched to the scene, including an intensive care paramedic on motorcycle.

“There can be more to a stabbing than appears at first glance, so it is very worrying whenever we are called to incidents like these,” NSW Ambulance inspector Kay Armstrong said.

“While these sorts of wounds may not look substantial on the surface, there can be more significant damage done at a deeper level.

“Our paramedics did an exceptional job in stabilising and providing treatment for this man who had suffered some pretty serious injuries.”

Another person who appeared to have been caught in the ensuing melee and got a cut to his forehead was also treated by paramedics.

Superintendent Dunstan did not confirm whether the man was another alleged offender, a patron or an employee of the bar.

Police will review CCTV and any information the venue has collected, given the men would have checked in due to COVID-safe protocols, as they search for the two men.

“It’s quite a tedious task but we are working through all the CCTV outlets,” Superintendent Dunstan said.

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