A Needed Blog Site In These Uncertain Times

A Needed Blog Site In These Uncertain Times

I ‘d enjoy to see Un-Deadspin’s take on this piece: When sports draw back, let the females go first

Over the past couple of weeks, I have actually spent a lot of time thinking about how to alleviate the damage the coronavirus will have on the females’s sports world. The majority of my prepared services have actually been extreme. I have actually pictured a universe filled with wealth redistribution; imagined starting from scratch and reconstructing the sports-entertainment complex from the ground up; longed for a brand-new world order, one where women’s sports get simply as much federal government handouts as their male counterparts.

However I keep returning to something: In the pre-coronavirus world, males’s sports got decades worth of running start over ladies’s sports. What if, in a post-coronavirus world, we reverse that order?

Do not stress, I’m not proposing years without guys’s sports. I’m proposing, like, a month. A month where the billions of fans and television networks and sponsors and marketers who are all completely starved for live sports of any kind only have the choice of viewing ladies’s sports.

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I can feel my blood pressure decreasing simply glancing at this preliminary run of stupid jokes and ms paint images. can not wait for a jamboree.

this week will be better than the others, even if it is bad
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Deadspin Is a Bad Site

Impressive pandemic is the best/worst time to try a resurgence ever. Particularly since they picked to double down on the sports-only protection.
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YES. This is excellent news!

I have been following the news from the LG Twins(KBO, South Korea’s Pro baseball league) and it sounds like their season will be starting quickly.
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> Specifically since they chose to double down on the sports-only protection.

As the short article points out, a number of these short articles could have appeared on genuine Deadspin, they just probably would have been written/edited better, and not by scabs. The most generous read is that Spanfeller believed the other authors would be too frightened to just leave, so it would be safe to require out Barry and Megan.

I dunno. I’ve invested probably too much time thinking about this. I miss out on Deadspin.
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The anti-herb (or a minimum of post-herb) sportsblog, now brought to you by a much cooler herb. The irony is scrumptious.
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The one outside sport I can consider that’s managing to somewhat prosper under lockdown is motor racing.

Well, along those lines, quite much all the sports big enough to have their video games are doing this.

The best part of FIFA/The Show/NBA2kX/Madden is that you do not require the pricey I-Racing setup so everyone might do it right away.
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Also, the best part of FIFA/The Show/NBA2kX/Madden is that you do not require the expensive I-Racing setup so everybody could do it right away.

My point was that for people who like to VIEW sports, it is amusing to see professional racers sitting in a living room cockpit come as close as they can get to live racing, and racing versus professional e-sports chauffeurs who race in their living rooms for a living, as well as against stars (golfers, footballers, etc.) who are signing up with in the enjoyable.
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Oooh, the NFL draft is this week, and if we can get a Jamboroo out of this, I’ll be happy.

It’s the website appropriate Deadspin utilized to make enjoyable of, soulless takes for the sake of takes, sports composed about divorced of any higher connection to the world. And it appears Spanfeller is continuing his excellent work of gutting what’s left of GMG, with more layoffs, while the executives have taken a largely meaningless 10%paycut.
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