Therapeutic homes of cannabidiol (CBD)


CBD is a veggie oil that can only be found in hemp in nature.


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Health Benefits

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of over 80 compounds from the team of particles called cannabinoids, as well as among over 480 compounds naturally located in cannabis. Of these compounds, CBD and also THC are discovered in the greatest focus of madrijuana – which is why they are one of the most well-known as well as finest examined.

CBD is the lawful as well as most important energetic compound in clinical cannabis and also cannabis, with an extremely broad range of activity. Of the numerous hundred substances discovered in hemp, CBD has the greatest health and wellness residential or commercial properties.


Assaults and also ruins cancer cells, prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, results in apoptosis or self-destruction of cancer cells.


Minimizes oxidative anxiety, decreases and prevents aging of tissues and cells, sustains the body’s all-natural defenses, safeguards versus totally free radicals.


Inhibits the inflammatory process, battles swelling, avoids the formation of inflammation.

CBD has solid antiseptic residential properties, ruins microorganisms as well as avoids their recreation, slows down their growth.


– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

It soothes and also gets rid of allergy signs and symptoms,.


– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

Stimulates the body's all-natural immunity, boosts homeostasis.


– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

Increases wound healing, fights skin diseases, rejuvenates the skin.


– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

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 CBD is the legal as well as most crucial energetic compound in medical cannabis and cannabis, with a really large spectrum of task. Of the a number of hundred materials found in hemp, CBD has the best health residential or commercial properties. Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike THC, does not create side impacts, is addicting or not intoxicating.

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